A Word for Pastors on Corporate Worship

Build One Another Up

I encourage pastors to plan the service with an eye to the whole congregation. First of all, teach the whole congregation that gathered worship is public discipleship. It's what God's people do when we meet.

Corporate Worship

Matt Merker

In this addition to the 9Marks Building Healthy Churches series, Matt Merker explores the biblical understanding of corporate worship as an activity where God gathers the church by his grace, unto his glory, for their mutual good, and before the world’s gaze.

Because of the priesthood of believers, when we gather, we all edify one another. The elders may take the lead in preparing the meal, as it were, that we feast on in God's word, but we all pass it around and serve it to one another.

When we gather, we all edify one another.

So it is a prepared meal, but it's also something of a potluck. We want to teach our people not to mainly come as consumers, wandering in a few minutes late, just hoping for a jolt of inspiration to get through the week. We want to teach congregants to come as producers, as the servants, with an eye to doing one another good.

Matthew Merker is the author of Corporate Worship: How the Church Gathers as God’s People.

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