A Guide to ESV Children & Youth Bibles

Give Your Kids the Gift of God's Word

Children grow up so fast!

We've all heard some variation of this statement, especially when it comes to buying clothes or shoes that kids can wear for more than a month! Because children change so fast, how do you choose a Bible that will fit their growing reading level?

The following is a list of ESV Bible resources for children and youth to guide you in this important decision.

The Big Picture Story Bible
Ages 2–7

No child is too young to begin learning about the greatest love story of all–God's love for his people, as portrayed in the Bible. More than simply retelling portions of the Bible, this book presents the big picture–the unified story running the both the Old and New Testaments.

ESV Big Picture Bible (July 2015)
Ages 5–8

Parents and children will enjoy reading this edition together because of the way the colorful illustrations, spread throughout the full ESV Bible text, illustrate the beloved stories of the Bible.

ESV Children's Bible
Ages 5–10

Included with the complete ESV Bible text are more than 200 vibrant, full-color illustrations of Bible events and characters. Additional content includes a dictionary, Old and New Testament timeline art, and more.

ESV Holy Bible for Kids
Ages 6–10

Twenty-four pages of specially prepared content are interspersed throughout the full ESV Bible text. These pages include illustrations that depict major scenes in the story of redemption.

ESV Following Jesus Bible
Ages 8–12

Full of outstanding content designed to help kids understand and enjoy the Bible as they transition from a beginner's Bible. Additional content includes book introductions, a glossary, Old and New Testament timeline art, articles, charts, and more.

ESV Student Study Bible
Ages 12 and up

Adapted from the ESV Study Bible, this edition is ideally suited for students who are serious about God's Word, eager to learn more about what the Bible teaches and how it applies to all of life.

ESV Holy Bible: Textbook Edition
Ages 12 and up

Designed especially for the classroom, this edition features the full ESV Bible text in a large, easy-to-read setting. Schools and churches will appreciate that students can now study God's Word together from the same edition.

ESV Student Bible
Ages 12–16

The ESV Student Bible is for young teenagers transitioning from a children's Bible to a more robust study edition. With condensed content adapted from the award-winning ESV Student Study Bible and unique cover art designed specifically with teenagers in mind, the affordable ESV Student Bible seeks to meet the needs of young students eager to study God's Word on their own.