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Understanding Technology’s Impact

There’s no doubt the impact smartphones have had on us since they first emerged on the market nearly a decade ago. While we seek to increase our productivity and connectivity, we are also, perhaps, more distracted than ever before.

In the introduction to his book 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You, author Tony Reinke says:

Unknown to me at the time I was unboxing my first iPhone, Jobs was actively shielding his children from his digital machines.1 Should I be shielding myself? The makers and marketers of the smartphone wield great power over us, and I want to know what effect this technology has on my spiritual life.

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1. In 2010, just after Apple launched its innovative tablet (the iPad), a reporter asked Jobs, “So, your kids must love the iPad?” He responded: “They haven’t used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home.” Nick Bilton, “Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent,” The New York Times (Sept. 10, 2014). Later, Apple’s vice president of design, Jonathan Ive, admitted to setting “strict rules about screen time” for his ten-year-old twin boys. Ian Parker, “The Shape of Things to Come,” The New Yorker (March 2, 2015).

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