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The Glory of Christ through the Gospel

How does the church portray the beauty of Christ?

The gospel is a theological message. But this message also creates human beauty—beautiful relationships in our churches, making the glory of Christ visible in the world today.

In The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ (part of the Building Healthy Churches series) Pastor Ray Ortlund makes the case that gospel doctrine creates a gospel culture. In too many of our churches, it is the beauty of a gospel culture that is the missing piece of the puzzle. But when the gospel is allowed to exert its full power, a church becomes radiant with the glory of Christ.

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Building Healthy Churches

Ray Orlund's The Gospel is just one of thirteen volumes in the Building Healthy Churches series, a collection of books designed to help churches and church leaders shape their ministries according to biblical principles, for the glory of Christ and the good of his people.

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