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What Are You Becoming?

We consume all day, every day. Between television, radio, podcasts, books, articles, twitter, and Instagram, we're getting news and entertainment from every dimension and from all directions. How much time do we spend holding our devices versus beholding God?

In Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds, author Jen Wilkin says:

It has been said that we become what we behold. I believe there is nothing more transformative to our lives than beholding God in his Word. After all, how can we conform to the image of a God we have not beheld?

And this doesn't just happen on its own. This takes effort on our part. Wilkin continues:

Do you know that the word disciple means “learner”? As a disciple of Christ, you and I are called to learn, and learning requires effort. It also requires good study methods. We know this to be true of our schooling, but do we know it to be true of following Christ?

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