I’ve Heard It Said That Islam Is the Fastest-Growing Religion in the World

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Speak the Gospel of Hope

Some people say that Muslims are the least receptive to the gospel and that they are the most difficult people group to come to faith in Christ. This is a big lie. In fact, I would tell everyone that in our generation, in these days, Muslims are coming to Christ in droves.

So when you hear that Islam is the fastest-growing religion, you need to understand that this phrase is not actually about how Islam is convincing, that Islam is presenting a message that everyone would take. But actually, it means that the growing population of those who claim to be Muslims is really increasing.

Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor with the Gospel

A. S. Ibrahim

In Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor with the Gospel, A. S. Ibrahim seeks to provide his readers with insight and practical tips to engage and share the gospel with Muslim friends and neighbors.

However, what this statement lacks is the other facts that we see in our generation. Because of the internet, access to apologetic media outlets, and because many people question religion right and left everywhere, Muslims are questioning Islam as never before.

Because of the access to online resources, some of the claims that never existed in the past are now being presented, and Muslims have to think about them. So what we actually see these days is that Muslims are not only questioning Islam and Islamic claims, but many of them are abandoning the faith. Some of them are abandoning the faith in order to accept Christ as Lord and Savior.

Here is our rule as evangelists: we need to speak the gospel of hope to Muslims. Maybe they are questioning things, maybe they are wondering about things. We have a message—a divine message—that God wants us to proclaim to our Muslim friends. Do this with me.

A. S. Ibrahim is the author of Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor with the Gospel.

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