Make Use of the Inside Flap of Your Bible

Billy at Joy in the Journey shares, as a pastor, what he places on the inside flap of his Bibles: ten counsels from the book The Supremacy of God in Preaching by John Piper (based on Jonathan Edwards’s preaching):

After my first reading of this book, the final “10” counsels revolutionized my philosophy of preaching. I was behooved to summarize each point with one or two sentences and typed them out onto a word processor. Then, I printed the document out in a smaller form which fit the measurements of the inside flap of my Bible’s front cover. I used stick glue to neatly fit the paper into my Bible’s cover where I could carry these admonitions with me everywhere I spoke, taught, or preached. Anytime I had the opportunity to preach or teach the Word, I would read these points over and over again letting their wise counsel seep deeply into my being. This technique has so changed my preaching that you can literally track my preaching methods before and after reading Piper’s book. Since that first copy and paste endeavor, I have placed that same handout into four different Bibles spanning from my full size NIV Thompson Chain Reference to my ESV Thinline.

We know that other people write Bible verses they use to help share Christ with others.

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