I Must Never Again Let the Resurrection Become Something I Assume

9781433507168Adrian Warnock discusses Raised with Christ and urges readers to not neglect the resurrection in his recent interview on Blogging Theologically. Check out the full interview here. Read a sample chapter on The Empty Cross, The Empty Tomb here.

What was the greatest pleasure for you in writing this book?

The resurrection lies at the very heart of our faith. I am convinced that studying it has many, many benefits for us. I definitely feel closer to Jesus as a result. Now I have the rest of my life to try and actually live in light of the implications of this wonderful event.

In your study, what was the one thing that was particularly challenging for you personally? Was there only one thing?

The biggest thing was realizing just how much I had personally been neglecting the resurrection. I had preached sermons that stopped at the cross and never mentioned the gospel, had not explained the full gospel, and I even wrote a tract which omitted the most important part of the gospel we have been entrusted with! How could I and so many others have done that? There were many other challenging points, but they mostly stem from this shameful neglect.

You write that “revival” is best described as “a powerful intensification by Jesus of the Holy Spirit’s normal activity.” I really appreciated this as I’ve only heard it described in terms of signs, wonders and people falling on the ground. Why is it that so many seem to think that revival can occur where God’s Word is not preached?

I suppose because so few people actually read church history! If we read about revivals, a very clear God-centered, Bible-focused prayer-prompted picture of a revival emerges.

How has your study of the Resurrection transformed your faith? What did it reveal as lacking? What strength did it bring?

I think I am still painfully aware that I do not experience the same power that raised Christ from the dead as much as I should. Many Christians who have gone before have had a strong sense of personally knowing the risen Jesus. As Paul put it, I long “that I may know him and the power of his resurrection.” When I am most confident of the resurrection, I am most sure of my own salvation and future resurrection, most full of hope, most joyful, and most aware of Christ’s power in me. I know now that I must never again let the resurrection become something I assume.

The historical fact of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus are continually denied, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Why do you think this denial continues to be so prevalent when, as you point out in your book, the apostles would not have died for a deliberate deception?

The blindness of unbelief is astonishing. Remember that when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, rather than believing, the Jewish leaders made plans to kill both Jesus and even Lazarus!

What effect do you hope your book will have on its readers?

I pray it will prompt many of them to begin a lifetime of studying the resurrection, seeing it all over the Bible, reading books about it, sharing it with others, and most importantly of all, living in light of its wonderful implications.

Any final encouragement?

I urge your readers to commit to reading a book about the resurrection this year, or maybe even more than one! It need not be mine, necessarily, but every Christian should read a book about this foundation of our faith.