Video: What is a Nominal Christian?

A nominal Christian is a Christian in name only. Author Mike McKinley offers these signs of nominal Christianity:

  • They assume they're a Christan or claim to be a Christian.
  • They have a Christian family.
  • They go to church.
  • But there's no desire to know God better.
  • But they don't find joy in reading the Bible.
  • But they don't delight in God.
  • But they're focused on other pleasures.
  • But they don't go to God asking for forgiveness.

McKinley notes: "Jesus says that when he comes back to judge the world, there is going to be a whole group of people that call him 'Lord,' and that even did impressive things on his behalf, and just assumed they were cool with Jesus. Jesus says that he's going to tell those people, 'Go away, I never knew you.' It's not enough just to say you're a Christian."

See below for Mike McKinley's video on nominal Christianity, or learn more about his newest book, Am I Really A Christian?

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