3 Hopes for the ESV Global Study Bible

Next month we're publishing the ESV Global Study Bible (GSB), a project several years in the making. You can read advanced details over at GlobalStudyBible.org.

Today we're sharing three hopes that we have for the GSB:

1. That the Global Study Bible will equip the global church in an unprecedented way. 

The Global Study Bible is a significant, one-volume study tool for Christians around the world. The study notes, adapted from the award-winning ESV Study Bible, are more concise and edited for those who speak English as a second language. Our aim was to present the material in an accessible format while maintaining a high level of biblical scholarship and insight.

We also worked from the beginning to ensure quality production and affordability. The interior is printed in two colors and all three editions feature a sewn binding.

We want as many Christians as possible to be able to afford their own copy, and for that copy to be used for years.

2. That Christians in North America will gain a global perspective on Scripture.

The GSB has several features that will help Christians read the Bible from a worldwide perspective. The global message of each book identifies major themes and applies them to a range of global issues. Similarly, the Global Study Bible contains articles written by a team of international contributors. These articles address topics ranging from the reliability and authority of Scripture to world religions and missions.

If you're reading this right now you probably have convenient access to a variety of biblical and theological resources. Yet many of us still have so much to learn about what God wants to accomplish around the world through his Word.

3. That Christians will partner together to serve the global church.

One of our deep hopes for the Global Study Bible is to see Christians coming together to serve the worldwide church through the distribution of God's Word. One way we're facilitating this is through a Buy One, Give One campaign. For every copy of the GSB purchased in North America, free digital access to the complete GSB content will be provided to a person in need. Everyone who buys the GSB is thus helping to make God's Word and these study tools available to their international brothers and sisters.

We'll also be making the Global Study Bible available at a discounted rate for bulk orders. We hope people traveling oversees or going on missions trips will consider bringing GSBs with them to distribute to those they are serving.

Our prayer is that God would use the Global Study Bible for his glory, and that through it, the church would be equipped to know and do his will on earth.

To learn more about the Global Study Bible, and to see some of the ways it will be used around the world, visit GlobalStudyBible.org.

The GSB is available for pre-order from Crossway.org and other online e-tailers. It will be available in bookstores mid to late October.