Introducing “Powered by Glo” ESV Bible Apps

Crossway and Immersion Digital have collaborated on two new apps for the iPhone and iPad that pair the award-winning 2009 Bible of the Year (ESV Study Bible) with the award-winning 2010 Bible of the Year (Glo Bible).

The ESV “powered by Glo” apps will allow users to access any Bible chapter or verse in just two taps. Every page of the Bible features relevant videos, artwork, photos, and virtual tours, resulting in an interactive experience that gives users the full 360-degree view of the Bible. The entire Bible and related media are also organized through unique browsing "lenses," allowing users to sort and search the Bible in a variety of ways, including the "Me" lens, which contains a journal and Bible reading plans. This lens also gives users the ability to connect to social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, integrating relevant posts so users can see what their friends are sharing from the Bible.

The ESV Bible app is available now for free in the app store, and the ESV Study Bible app is available at an introductory price of $19.99. Users of the original Glo Bible app can now get the ESV translation in-app for $2.99 as well as unlock access to the ESV Study Bible resources.