Exciting Changes to Crossway.org

We're pleased to announce some exciting changes to our Crossway website. This morning we launched a new home page to our website, along with new home pages for books, Bibles, ebooks, and tracts. All feature improved navigation and browsing.

We're also introducing a brand new ebooks section of the website, where you can browse ebook titles, audiobooks, and ESVBible.org modules, as well as learn about digital sales and special offers.

Most significantly, Crossway.org now features responsive design, which means the entire site will automatically configure itself to optimally fit your browser window, regardless of size. Whether you're viewing it on a large desktop computer, a smaller laptop, or a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone, Crossway.org is now easier to read and navigate.

We're continually working on Crossway.org, and have some exciting improvements planned for the future. In the mean time be sure to check out these most recent changes!