9 New Features of an Updated ESVBible.org

Our web development team has been hard at work to bring several important updates to the ESVBible.org platform.

On ESVBible.org you’ll find a significantly updated design with improved navigation and added features. In addition to updating the coding structure of the site so it will scale with future development, we've added several exciting improvements to the interface.

  • Fully Compatible with Mobile Devices ESVBible.org now features responsive design, which means the site will automatically resize to fit any screen size, be it your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Free Ebooks In the future, when you purchase apps on ESVBible.org, you'll also receive the ebook files (when applicable) for free, available on your Crossway.org digital bookshelf. In effect, you'll have access to two resources for the price of one. (We regret we're not able to retroactively apply this to already purchased ESVBible.org apps).
  • Themes We currently have three different themes available, including a nighttime reading theme and a "legacy" theme (mimics the look of the old site). We’ll be adding more themes in the future to give you more options to pick the look & feel you prefer.
  • My Stuff App For any given passage of Scripture, a new "My Stuff" app provides shortcuts to related content found in your other ESVBible.org apps–a one-stop shop for all your content.
  • Column Snapshots ESVBible.org automatically resizes your open columns to fit your screen (though there is a maximum of how many columns your screen will hold). We've added a new feature called "snapshots" that enables you to open additional apps in new tabs on your web browser. The content on these new tabs will automatically update as you navigate to other passages in the Bible. These Snapshots are also available on mobile devices.
  • My Notes Export This has been a popular feature request for ESVBible.org, and we're pleased to announce it's now ready. Users can export the entirety of their notes into an Excel or CSV spreadsheet.
  • Improved Search Search on ESVBible.org is more powerful than ever. You can now search the ESV Bible's section headings and notes, along with the full Bible text. Using an asterisk at the end of the root of a word will pull up all derivatives of the term. For example, typing "meditat*" will deliver all instances of "meditates" and "meditation."
  • Reader Mode ESVBible.org now offers a special reader mode so you can focus on the Bible text alone when you choose. You can toggle verse numbers and section headings or remove them from the text altogether for undistracted reading.
  • Evernote Sync (Coming Soon) Finally, we’re getting close to launching a new feature where you’ll be able to sync your notes with your Evernote account. We hope to build on this feature over time for all of the ESVBible.org users who use Evernote.

We invite you to take this quick guided tour of the new interface. If you’re an existing user and want access to the old site, you can still access it for the next few months.

We hope you enjoy the new ESVBible.org!

If you have any feedback, feel free to post it to comments.