Excerpt: Tim Keller's Foreword to Why Cities Matter

From Tim Keller's foreword to Why Cities Matter by Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard

Christians, particularly in America, are generally negative toward cities. Several mission executives have told me over the years that we need to send missionaries Why Cities Matter Coverto the fast growing cities of the world (as well as to the regenerating cores of Western cities), but very few American Christians have lived in urban centers or even like them. We need churches everywhere there are people, but the people of the world are moving into the great cities of the world much faster than the church is. And therefore we must call Christians to better understand and care for cities, and we must call more Christians to consider living and ministering in cities. This book by my friends Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard addresses all of these concerns. It not only makes a case for “why cities matter” but also helps readers understand the distinct ways in which cities operate, and how ministry and life can thrive there. I’m delighted that both of these men are bringing their wisdom and experience to bear on this issue. They have produced a volume that is accessible yet biblically and theologically well grounded. Learn from it. Enjoy it! —Tim Keller, founder and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York


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