New Books in May

Below are our new releases for May. With books from J. I. Packer, Jerram Barrs, Gloria Furman, Alistair Begg & Sinclair Ferguson, Andy Farmer, Kent Hughes, and John MacArthur, we have a feeling you'll find some good titles to add to your summer reading list. Enjoy!

Weakness is the Way Cover Weakness Is the Way: Life with Christ Our Strength by J. I. Packer “If you, like me, struggle with discouragement over your weaknesses, you need to read this book. We all long to be admired for our strengths, yet we all find ourselves, ‘beset with weakness’ (Heb. 5:2). Does this mean we’re stuck living with discouragement? No! There is an escape to joyful freedom. Dr. Packer knows the way. Walking us through 2 Corinthians, he shows it to us so that we, like Paul, can ‘boast all the more gladly of [our] weaknesses.’” —Jon Bloom, President, Desiring God Ministries; author, Not by Sight: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Walking by Faith
Name above All Names Cover Name above All Names by Alistair Begg & Sinclair B. Ferguson “As Christians, we find it easy to talk about God’s work in our communities and around the world. It’s easy to describe our growth in Christ and what we are learning from him. But how many of us simply delight in talking about Jesus? The art of contemplating the loveliness of Christ—and infusing those admirations into everyday conversation—is a dying discipline. But in Name above All Names, my friends Alistair Begg and Sinclair Ferguson invite us to meditate afresh on our wonderful savior and all that makes him beautiful and praiseworthy. I highly recommend this remarkable volume!” —Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder and CEO, Joni and Friends International Disability Center
Glimpses of Grace Cover Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home by Gloria Furman “This is sustaining grace, this is the desired haven: to know his steadfast love that saves and keeps us. Glimpses of Grace is not a how-to. It is a true friend’s invitation to see and know the Lord’s steadfast love displayed in every wave, big and small. Gloria offers encouragement rooted in her personal experience and wisdom from saints who have weathered the storms decades and even centuries before us. May you catch glimpses of his steadfast love and find an anchor for your soul.” —Lauren Chandler, writer; speaker; singer; wife of Matt Chandler, The Village Church, Flower Mound, Texas
Echoes of Eden Cover Echoes of Eden: Reflections on Christianity, Literature, and the Arts by Jerram BarrsEchoes of Eden is the most accessible, readable, and yet theologically robust work on Christianity and the arts that you will be able to find. It is biblical, theologically sound, filled with examples, and edifying. It anticipates and answers well all the most common questions that evangelical people ask about the arts. I highly recommend it.” —Timothy J. Keller, Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City; author, The Reason for God
Real Peace Cover Real Peace: What We Long for and Where to Find It by Andy Farmer “There are many books I can recommend on finding peace with God. There are far fewer I can recommend on experiencing the peace of God. Real Peace is a book I highly recommend for real people facing real trouble in a really messed up world. It paints gospel-centered portraits, explaining how to apply John 16:33 in the midst of our struggles with stress, anxiety, grief, depression, and conflict. Reading Real Peace pointed me not to a system, but to a person—The Prince of Peace.” —Bob Kellemen, Executive Director, The Biblical Counseling Coalition; author, Anxiety: Anatomy and Cure
The Glory of Heaven Cover The Glory of Heaven: The Truth about Heaven, Angels, and Eternal Life (Second Edition) by John MacArthur "John MacArthur cuts through the sentimentality that often accompanies so-called visits to heaven by taking us back to the Scriptures, the only reliable guide when investigating our eternal home. In the process, John teaches us much needed lessons in biblical discernment. Read it and share this book with a friend." —Erwin W. Lutzer, Senior Pastor, The Moody Church, Chicago, IL
Romans: Righteousness from Heave Cover Romans: Righteousness from Heaven (ESV Edition) by R. Kent Hughes This commentary on Romans, redesigned with a new cover and updated ESV Bible references, explores justification by faith, freedom from sin, substitutionary atonement, and God’s adoption of sinners. Part of the popular Preaching the Word series.