A First Look at the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible

Christ in All of Scripture, Grace for All of Life

We're excited about this September's release of the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible—one of Crossway's most significant projects to date. This all new content was created by a team of over 50 scholars and pastors and was several years in the making. Bryan Chapell serves as the general editor, with Dane Ortlund as managing editor.

In the "first look" video below, project contributors discuss the importance of reading the Bible in light of Christ and his gospel, and how the Gospel Transformation Bible was designed to fill a particular need in the church.


To learn more about the Gospel Transformation Bible, a good place to start would be to download the free sampler and sign up to receive email updates as we approach publication in September (we'll keep your information confidential and won't distribute your address to any third parties):