August's New & Notable Books (Part 1)

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Wesley on the Christian Life: The Heart Renewed in Love by Fred Sanders

From playing a crucial role in the Great Awakening to inspiring a renewal movement within the Church of England, John Wesley was one of the most important figures in church history. Offering an approachable introduction to his life and writings, Fred Sanders invites us to learn from Wesley’s reliance on the Spirit, passion for holiness, and zeal for the gospel in this winsome portrait of a truly extraordinary Christian leader.

“If the purpose of this series is to display the resources of the past for the present, then Wesley on the Christian Life is a home run." – Michael Horton 

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One with Christ: An Evangelical Theology of Salvation by Marcus Peter Johnson

Despite our love for the Bible, emphasis on the cross, and passion for evangelism, many of us neglect that which is central to the gospel. Looking to the Scriptures and church history, Marcus Johnson reveals the true riches of our salvation by reintroducing us to the foundation of our redemption—our mysterious union with the living Christ.

“Johnson has produced an excellent discussion of union with Christ. I am sure it will be consulted widely and contribute effectively to the church’s understanding of salvation.” – Robert Letham

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Against the Gods: The Polemical Theology of the Old Testament by John D. Currid

Is the Old Testament a Pagan Book?

A respected Old Testament scholar and archaeologist refutes the claim that the Old Testament authors uncritically borrowed myths and ideas from their pagan neighbors, carefully comparing the biblical text to other ancient Near Eastern documents. Well-researched and thoughtfully nuanced, Currid helps us understand the relationship between the biblical worldview and that of Israel’s ancient contemporaries.

“This is a splendid introduction to the use that the Old Testament makes of the religious ideas of Israel’s ancient neighbors.”– Gordon Wenham

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 Spectacular Sins: And Their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ (Redesign) by John Piper

Newly redesigned, this book responds to the problem of evil by clearly explaining what the Bible says about God’s rule over wickedness, your sin, and the sin of those who have hurt you. Looking at six terrible sins recorded in Scripture, this powerful volume shows how God’s sovereignty over all things—including the most horrific acts of evil in human history—is actually good news.

"I had to read this book twice. I don't think I'll ever be able to preach the same again."– Matt Chandler

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 Ephesians: The Mystery of the Body of Christ (ESV Edition) by R. Kent Hughes

A Practical Commentary on the Climax of Pauline Theology

In this accessible commentary on the book of Ephesians, Kent Hughes explains Paul’s teaching on key doctrines related to the Christian’s identity in Christ. Examining major themes such as believers’ full redemption, the indwelling power of the Spirit, and the beauty of God-given roles in the home and workplace, this volume is fully of practical guidance for enjoying true spiritual victory in your own life.

“The Preaching the Word commentary series is one of my favorites. No academic aloofness here, but down-to-earth, preacher-to-preacher meat for God’s people.” – Bryan Chapell

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