Midweek Roundup - 10/23/13

Every Wednesday we like to share a few recent links that you may find informative, insightful, or helpful. The articles and posts will often be related to Crossway books, Bibles, or authors—but not always. We hope this list is an interesting break for the middle of your week, encouraging your faith and equipping you for life and ministry.

1. The Wall Street Journal profiles Russell Moore and his approach to conservative culture wars

For years, as the principal public voice for the Southern Baptist Convention, the country's biggest evangelical group, Richard Land warned of a "radical homosexual agenda" and pushed for a federal ban on same-sex marriage.

His successor, Russell Moore, sounded a different note when the Supreme Court in June struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act. "Love your gay and lesbian neighbors," Mr. Moore wrote in a flier, "How Should Your Church Respond," sent to the convention's estimated 45,000 churches. "They aren't part of an evil conspiracy." Marriage, he added, was a bond between a man and a woman, but shouldn't be seen as a "'culture war' political issue."

2. Barna identifies 3 trends that are redefining the information age

[David Kinnaman] observes, “There are two major forces going on here: Every year people have less time and every year they have more content being thrown at them. This is forcing them to develop the habit of skimming in response to information and content. We are becoming a nation of ‘info grazers.’ For content producers—whether publishers, writers, pastors, teachers, journalists, filmmakers and so on—this means the information age is becoming the distraction age. Consumers are easily distracted and overwhelmed by having to sift through the clutter every day. This feature of modern life is exponential with the rise of digitized information.

3. Sam Storms posts the first of a three-part response to John MacArthur's controversial Strange Fire conference

Perhaps the best way to illustrate this difference [between cessationists and charismatics] is the way both groups think of God’s presence in times of corporate praise. Think of it this way. When you gather in corporate assembly with God’s people, whether on a Sunday morning or in a small group during the week, what are your expectations with regard to God? Do you view God’s presence as a theological doctrine to be extolled and explained or do you think of it as a tangible reality to be felt.

4. Photo Essay: 12 Hours with Al Mohler

During Southern Seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr.’s 20th anniversary convocation day, Towers photographer Emil Handke shadowed the president, capturing the day from every angle.

5. You might be a celebrity Christian wanna be if...

1. You’d rather minister to strangers on the Internet than those in the hospital, nursing home, shut-ins, or orphans. These people cannot do anything to increase your celebrity status.

2. You’re jealous when other godly voices are heard and heeded above your own. God’s glory is no longer your goal, for your voice must be heard.

3. You frequently link to other Celebrity Christians in hope that they’ll notice you, and return the favor. Thus, you rarely link to the articles of anyone who isn’t a celebrity Christian.