October's New and Notable Books

Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors: Reading an Old Story in a New Way by Voddie Baucham Jr.

https://static.crossway.org/products/9781433523731.jpgReading an Old Story in a New Way

Joseph and the coat of many colors. It’s a classic story with all the right elements: sibling rivalry, bitter betrayal, unexpected power, and ultimate forgiveness. But is there more to the story than first meets the eye? Baucham explores the redemptive-historical significance of Joseph’s amazing life, highlighting God’s ultimate plan to save his people in and through Christ.

"You may have heard the story many times, but perhaps not quite as you will in this book. Voddie Baucham displays the brilliant colors of the gospel with uncommon richness.” —Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

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What Is the Meaning of Sex? by Denny Burk

https://static.crossway.org/products/9781433536090.jpgSex. We live in a world that loves it without understanding it. This book spells out the truth about sex, contending there’s more to it than just physical pleasure or personal expression. Responding to society’s evolving views on human sexuality and gender, Burk clearly explains the Bible’s teaching on sex and offers clear-headed wisdom related to controversial issues such as homosexuality and the transgender movement.

“Burk will help equip you to embrace what seems freakish in today’s pornotopia: the joy of sex, rightly ordered toward the glory of God.” —Russell D. Moore, President, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission; author, Tempted and Tried

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Christian Worldview: A Student's Guide by Philip Graham Ryken

https://static.crossway.org/products/9781433535406.jpgDo You Know the Key Marks of the Christian Worldview?

Everything we do, say, and think reflects our fundamental worldview. In this accessible student’s guide, Ryken explains the distinguishing marks of a distinctly Christian worldview—exploring the existence of God, the nature of creation, the role of grace, and God’s plan for the future. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series.

“If you are looking for a succinct, marvelously clear, well-illustrated introduction to the phenomenon of worldview, look no further.” —William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

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Preaching: A Biblical Theology [Foreword by John Piper] by Jason Meyer

https://static.crossway.org/products/9781433519710.jpgThe Sermon Is Under Attack!

Churches are increasingly forsaking formal preaching in favor of substitutes such as dialogue, discussion, and sharing. This comprehensive biblical theology of preaching explores the concept’s biblical foundation and canonical development, setting forth clear, accessible answers to commonly-raised questions about preaching: what is it, how is it done, and why is it so important?

“Going . . . going . . . gone. Jason Meyer hits it out of the park.” —C. J. Mahaney, Senior Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville

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When I Don't Desire God: How to Fight for Joy by John Piper

Finding Joy in God

We all want to experience the joy stemming from a life dedicated to God and his glory. But the reality is that we often struggle to find—and hold on to—true and lasting joy, even as believers. In this classic book, John Piper highlights the central importance of joy for the Christian life, helping you fight for joy each and every day by leading you to rediscover the soul-satisfying glory of God.

“This man never ceases to inspire me to be more awestruck with the supremacy of Jesus." —Chris Tomlin, award-winning recording artist and songwriter

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