Update on iOS ESV Bible App

Last month we released a major update to our free iOS ESV Bible app. The update brought several changes to the iPhone app, including a new interface and account syncing.

The big goal of this update was to make “cloud syncing” available between the mobile app and ESVBible.org––our most requested feature. For a variety of reasons, this was an enormously complex project.

While most users haven’t had any trouble with the updates, some have experienced crashing and a few have reported losing personal notes and highlights. If you were one of these people, we sincerely apologize.

We want you to know that we’re working with our developers to fix the bugs as quickly as possible. Because of the complexity, we can’t promise a quick fix, but we’re committed to getting this right.

If Your Data is Missing

Many crashing issues stem from problems related to integrating old user data into the new app. To sync the app with ESVBible.org, we had to rework the way user data was stored in the mobile app. This reworked architecture seems to be what’s causing problems for some.

If you have a backup of the old app on iCloud or on your computer, you should be able to recover your user data. If you do not have a backup, deleting the app from your phone and re-downloading it from the iTunes store will make the app work, but you’ll lose your notes (you’re essentially just downloading the brand new app file).

If you created highlights and notes in the old app, do not delete the app from your phone. We’re working on an update right now that should soon give you access to your notes and highlights. For more instructions on recovering user data from a backup, go here.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for the difficulty this has caused many of you. We are working hard to fix the app as quickly as possible. For specific questions or concerns, please visit our online forum.