Weekly Specials - 3/17/14

Crossway's weekly specials are available to members of Crossway Impact. You can also find this week's featured resources with participating online retailers such as AmazonBarnes & NobleBookshoutChristianbook.comeChristianiBooks (Apple)Vyrso (at each individual retailer's discretion). Discounted prices available through 3/23/14.

The Bible's Promises for Life

From the Holy Bible, English Standard Version

E-book: $3.99 $0.99 The ability to recall a wide-range of Scripture is rare. Thus most of us turn to useful, ready-made resources to find the encouragement and wisdom we need for ourselves or for others. The Bible’s Promises for Life is one such resource that provides immediate access to God’s promises regarding commonplace issues. This book is a collection of verses taken from the English Standard Version® Bible—a version noted for its beauty and ideal for memorization. Because these verses are carefully organized by topics that are relevant to everyday life, The Bible’s Promises for Life is perfect for anyone who wants biblical guidance and truth. Buy: E-book  

The Bible's Promises for Women

From the Holy Bible, English Standard Version E-book: $3.99 $0.99 Many women want to know right where to turn in the Bible for reassurance that God cares about them and for God’s wisdom on a particular issue. They know that the Bible is filled with God’s promises to his people—promises that offer hope and help for themselves and for others. This book is a collection of God’s promises taken from the English Standard Version® Bible—a version noted for its beauty and ideal for memorization. Because these promises are carefully organized by topics that are specific to the lives of women, The Bible’s Promises for Women is perfect for any woman who wants to know God and his Word better. Buy: E-book  

Surprised by Grace: God's Relentless Pursuit of Rebels

By Tullian Tchividjian

E-book: $13.99 $5.99 As Christians today struggle to grasp the gospel's true power—for themselves and for others—Surprised by Grace unfolds a liberating story that helps us come to grips with the shocking extent of God's compassion. “The book of Jonah is more than the story of a prophet who ran from God. It is actually the story of the grace of God that overcomes Jonah’s stubborn rebellion. In this outstanding book Tullian Tchividjian helps us see that there is something of Jonah in all of us and that we stand in need of the same grace of God every day. I was both convicted and encouraged by this book and highly recommend it to every Christian.” Jerry Bridges, author, The Pursuit of Holiness Buy: E-book  

When I Don't Desire God: How to Fight For Joy

By John Piper

E-book: $14.99 $1.99 In this newly redesigned, 10th anniversary edition of When I Don’t Desire God, best-selling author John Piper highlights the central importance of joy for the Christian life. Teaching us how to be people who delight in God and his glory above all else, Piper writes with insights from a pastor’s heart. This book explains how God’s supreme commitment to his own glory stands as the greatest source of peace, delight, and contentment for his people, and will arm readers with strength to fight for joy each and every day. “This man never ceases to inspire me to be more awestruck with the supremacy of Jesus.” Chris Tomlin, award-winning recording artist and songwriter Buy: E-book  

Contentment: A Godly Woman's Adornment

By Lydia Brownback E-book: $8.99 $1.99 Buying into the lie of "I can only be happy if . . . " guarantees a frustrated existence. But God desires something far better for his daughters. This convenient On-the-Go Devotional will direct you away from empty distractions and toward what you really long for: a satisfaction that never fades. "Skillful devotionals for those who face the challenge to 'fit it all in.' Biblically rigorous and deeply perceptive. Godly insights from a godly sister." Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, counselor; speaker; author, Found in Him Buy: E-book