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About Leviticus (Preaching the Word)

This Preaching the Word commentary reveals how the regulations detailed in Leviticus point to the perfection and fulfillment of Christ in the New Testament age.

It is the message that God spoke to his people through Moses as they prepared to depart for the Promised Land. It details regulations for holy living and sacrificial worship in Old Testament Israel. But does Leviticus have anything to say to Christians today?

The chapter-by-chapter analysis reveals much about not only the demands of a holy God, but also the kind of relationship he wants with his people and his standards for worship in any age.

Pastors, teachers, and serious readers will be trained in how Leviticus foreshadows the saving work of Jesus, and the many ways God made accommodation for human sin through Christ.

This web app is integrated with ESVBible.org, a free online Bible where visitors can read Scripture and listen to audio recordings of the ESV Bible. By signing up for a free account users can record their own notes, highlight and share verses, and unlock additional study resources, similar to Leviticus and the many other Preaching the Word web apps.

The Leviticus web app also comes with free access to the ebook files for the volume, available on a user’s “virtual bookshelf.”


Format: Online Access through ESVBible.org
Published: May 01, 2013

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