The Sermon on the Mount (Preaching the Word)

The Sermon on the Mount (Preaching the Word): Web App + Ebook

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Availability: Forthcoming

Expected: Nov 1, 2013

About The Sermon on the Mount (Preaching the Word)

The three chapters of Matthew known as the Sermon on the Mount contain truths so rich and powerful that even a lifetime of study could not exhaust their depths. For centuries, Jesus’s majestic portrait of the kingdom of heaven and his unparalleled instructions for godliness have captivated Christians and non-Christians alike.

Whether used by preachers, small group leaders, or individual laypersons, this resource will prove invaluable for illuminating the Sermon on the Mount’s enduring power to enliven hearts and transform minds.

This web app is integrated with, a free online Bible where visitors can read Scripture and listen to audio recordings of the ESV Bible. By signing up for a free account users can record their own notes, highlight and share verses, and unlock additional study resources, similar to The Sermon on the Mount and the many other Preaching the Word web apps.

The The Sermon on the Mount web app also comes with free access to the e-book files for the volume, available on a user’s “virtual bookshelf.”


Format: Online Access through
Published: November 01, 2013