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Bible Giveaway Recap

Last week marked the end of our first Bible giveaway, and we want to share a little bit of our experience.

The idea came from Justin Taylor, who suggested in an email that we give away Bibles to jumpstart interest in our new blog.

We debated which Bible to give away; the Life Discovery Edition, a $9.99 paperback, led the pack for a while. Instead, we decided to do something special and give away Compact TruTones and TruGrips. These Bibles feature a unique design and unusual cover. We hoped that the Bibles would intrigue the recipients (and that they’d tell their friends about them).

At 10:00 AM EDT on April 19, 2005, we launched the giveaway. We only told two blogs about it in advance because we wanted to see how word of the promotion would spread organically across the blogosphere.

Below you can see the number of Bibles we gave away at every half-hour. The curve follows a more linear progression than we expected. We gave away the 100th Bible just before 11:30 AM on April 20.

Graph of ESV giveaway showing a generally smooth curve from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM the next day

The top four Bibles, accounting for 59 requests, were:

  1. Royal Blue (Celtic Cross) Compact TruTone (21 copies)
  2. Olive (Celtic Cross) Compact TruTone (15 copies)
  3. Chestnut (Diamond) Compact TruTone (12 copies)
  4. Charcoal (Crown) Compact TruTone (11 copies)

We had 83 requests from the US, 8 from the UK, 6 from Australia, and 3 from Canada.

Our most unusual finding was that 22 of the requests came from just two metropolitan areas. We didn’t expect that geography would play such a big part in an online promotion.

Additionally, fully 24 of the people making requests used @gmail.com email addresses.

We met quite a few interesting people by email and got to visit a number of fascinating blogs. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

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Glow-in-the-dark ESVs Coming Fall 2005

Coming this fall from Crossway: two ESV TruGlo™ editions, whose covers glow in the dark. The text and dimensions are the same as the Compact Thinline and Compact TruTone editions. TruGlo details are available on the Crossway website. They cost $19.99 each.

Here are images of the two covers: the Black Rubber, Flame Design and the Radiant Green, Dot Design.

Flame Design Dot Design

From the “be careful what you wish for” department.

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ESV Available through A9.com OpenSearch

Screenshot of A9.com search result showing John 3:16 You can now search the ESV Bible from A9.com.

A9.com (part of Amazon.com) recently unveiled its OpenSearch initiative to allow websites to syndicate their search results.

For certain types of searches, specialized search engines return better results than general search engines. For example, a search for Habakkuk 3 returns less than ideal results compared to the ESV Online Edition’s results for Habakkuk 3.

OpenSearch allows anyone with a website to publish their search results in a way that other websites can read. In turn, those search results can appear on A9.com.

What does all this technical mumbo-jumbo mean for you? You can now search the ESV directly from A9.com without visiting the ESV website. Read details on how to set it up.

For Developers

If you’re a web developer, you can use the ESV’s search results on your website either using OpenSearch or the ESV Web Service.

We already export our search results in a number of different formats (including RSS), so creating an OpenSearch-compatible file only took a few hours to set up. The ESV was the first and (at the time of this writing) only Bible available through this service.

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FAQ: Which Greek Texts Did the Translators Use?

While we can’t answer every translation question that comes to us, we do get a few questions often enough that they demand replies. Here is one such question.

Why did you use the UBS and Nestle Aland Greek texts in translating the ESV?

You can find the official answer on the Manuscripts Used in Translating the ESV page on this website.

Marvin Padgett of Crossway Bibles elaborates:

The UBS and Nestle Aland editions of the Greek NT referenced in the front of the ESV are the standard Greek NT editions used in the scholarly world. All of the ESV Translation Oversight Committee (TOC) had access to more texts/editions and versions than indicated. They used many other editions and versions, and standard reference tools, but the UBS and NA-27 editions were the touchstones for the Greek text. Also, all of the ESV TOC members were well aware of the debates and issues surrounding the debates over the reliability and veracity of the various Greek NT texts/editions.

In fall 2005 you will be able to see more clearly how the ESV TOC handled these questions in our publication of a reverse interlinear featuring the ESV.

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Blog Bible Giveaway — None Left

Update at 11:30 AM EDT (April 20): We don’t have any free Bibles left. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Do you:

  • Have a blog with a blogroll?
  • Live in the US, Canada, the UK, or Australia?
  • Want a free ESV Bible?

We’re giving away a free ESV Bible to the first 100 people who add the ESV Bible Blog to their blogroll.

What to do to claim your free Bible:

  1. Add our link (http://www.esv.org/blog) to your blogroll.
  2. Choose which Bible you’d like free. You can have any Compact TruTone or Compact TruGrip edition published by Crossway.
  3. Send an email to blog@esv.org containing the url of your blog, your postal mailing address, and the color/design of the Bible you would like.

We will visit your blog to double-check your blogroll, email you to inform you that you’ve been accepted, and then we’ll ship you a free Bible. No strings attached.

We ask that you keep us on your blogroll at least until your Bible arrives (2-3 weeks), but your blogroll is yours–you’re free to remove us at any time. We hope, though, that if you enjoy the ESV, we’ll earn a permanent place on your blogroll.

Legal info: This offer is open to bloggers in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Only blogs that link directly to the ESV blog in their blogrolls qualify. A “blogroll” is a list of links that appears on most pages in a blog. Limit one free Bible per blog and per household. We will not use your email address for any purpose beyond communicating with you about this offer.

Here’s an example email:

Subject: Blogroll Bible request

Hello, my blog is at http://example.com/blog

My address is:
John Doe
123 Main St
Wheaton, IL 60187

I would like an Olive (Celtic Cross Design) Compact TruTone.

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