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Video: Why Use the ESV in Your Church

We’ve released a new video geared toward churches that talks about why we think they should adopt the ESV as their primary Bible. Even if you’re not considering the ESV for your church, you’ll still find that the video shares insight into the history and purpose of the ESV.

Watch or read a transcript now.

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ScriptureMenu.com: Using the ESV Web Service

Michael Jones shares ScriptureMenu.com, which arranges passages of Scripture topically in the style of a restaurant menu. It uses the ESV Web Service to display those passages. He also has a page that discusses why he uses the ESV.

Screenshot of ScriptureMenu.com

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As Dilemmas Go…

Tessa from Cool, but weird… but cool shares her dilemma:

So here I am in a quandary. I love old books. I love new books. I love buying Bibles. And I was about to start work this morning (honest) when I decided to briefly visit the ESV Bible homepage. I had a vague notion of looking up a psalm or something to set me up for the day, when I noticed a link to ‘Purchase a copy’. Because it was me, I had to know what kinds of ESV there were in stock, just so that I knew.

Oh, what a mistake-a to make-a. They have shelves, they have stacks, they have heaps, they have mountains of ESV Bibles, of every different hue and texture under the sun. Consider my excitement about stationery, and then multiply that by the number you first thought of. They have hardback, paperback, leather bound, thumb indexed, gold leaf edged, “thinline” editions, metal cased, black, tan, burgundy, textured rubber covered (that’s “TruGrip” to you), blue, lime green, orange, pink, olive, blue, charcoal, chestnut, cranberry, goldenrod, nutmeg, teal… the list goes on and on and on — http://www.gnpcb.org/catalog/bibles/

Tell me, please… how can I resist such a wealth of potential?

Her whole post has more.

We suppose that as dilemmas go, she could be doing worse. Do you wonder how (or whether) she resolved her quandary? So do we. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any way to contact her to find out.

If you have a blog, please consider posting some way to contact you (like a disguised email address). If you know Tessa, please tell her that, just for ourselves, we could use some resolution.

Update August 1, 2005: Tessa lives! And responds! Entirely without exclamation marks! She succinctly sums up her post with the following picture:

Tessa gives a thumbs-up sign in front of her new Nutmeg Filigree Compact TruTone

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What’s a Reverse Interlinear?

One question that arises from time to time is, “What does a reverse interlinear Bible look like?”

A traditional interlinear has the original language as the top line with English words lined up with the original. A reverse interlinear has English as the top line with the original words lined up with the English.

Here are two pages from a booklet Crossway produced last year that illustrate what we’re talking about. Note that these pages don’t represent the final form of the ESV Reverse Interlinear New Testament that’s coming out this fall.

First page of Romans First page of Romans

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ESV Now Available on Crosswalk.com

The searchable ESV text is now available at Crosswalk.com.

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