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Crossway Introduces ESV Outreach Edition

ESV Outreach Edition cover. It looks similar to other ESVs, with a light cover and dark border.Crossway has announced the next typesetting of the ESV that they’re producing: an Outreach edition. They wanted a Bible inexpensive enough to give away, which means they needed one with fewer than 1,000 pages: the Outreach edition has 928 pages and retails for $5.99. Crossway expects it to be available in January 2006.

The typesetting uses a different typeface from other ESV editions. It has two columns per page and includes section headings and the ESV textual footnotes. We’ll post PDFs on the blog in January 2006 so you can see the layout for yourself.

Here’s Crossway’s description:

This paperback edition of the full ESV Bible is a handy and affordable Bible for personal use and for bulk distribution. Its handy size makes it suitable for regular Bible readers, and its extra features and content will help newcomers discover the Bible for themselves and understand it better.

  • 8.2-point type
  • Introduction to each book
  • Black-letter
  • 928 pages
  • Size: 5.25″ x 8.25″
  • Special features: What the Bible is All About; How to Read the Bible; Where to Find Help When You Are…; What the Bible Says About…; Getting Started: A Forty-Day Bible-Reading Plan; God’s Plan to Save You; One-Year Bible-Reading Plan

Buy it from Crossway or elsewhere.

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New “Bible for Life” Radio Spots (December 2005)

We’ve released twelve new spots in the “Bible for Life” radio campaign. Each one-minute spot has someone reading a passage from the ESV and meditating on it.

This month features Bebo Norman, Bryan Duncan, Kent Bottenfield, and others.

Listen to all the spots at www.esv.org/radio/bfl.

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Google Earth: Paul’s First Missionary Journey

In July we talked about creating a Google Map with biblical place names marked.

Catman66 has now created a Google Earth overlay of Paul’s first missionary journey. (You’ll need the free Google Earth program to see the map.)

Google Earth map showing Paul’s first missionary journey. Includes an overlay containing first-century political boundaries.

Via Birchandconnie.org.

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What Are the Most Popular Verses in the Bible?

Running a Bible search website means that we collect a lot of raw data about what verses people are looking at. A few months ago we crunched the numbers and came up with some stats that you might find interesting.

Searches for specific passages comprise about 90% of queries on the ESV site; word searches account for only about 10% of queries.

Query Distribution

The below chart shows all the verses in the Bible plotted against how many times people see each verse. Note the spikes around John 1, 1 Corinthians 13, Genesis 1, and Romans 1.

Chart showing verses on the x-axis and the number of views on the y-axis

Romans Query Distribution

The above chart can appear a little overwhelming. Below is a breakdown for Romans in which you can clearly see that certain chapters (1, 3, 8, 12) and verses (8:28, 1:16, 3:23, 12:2) stand out over others.

Chart showing verses from Romans on the x-axis and the number of views on the y-axis

Chapter Popularity

Prefer to see things at the chapter level? The below chart shows the number of times that people have seen each chapter in the Bible. You can see peaks at Romans 8, Matthew 5, John 1, and Genesis 1. Conversely, you can see valleys at Ezekiel 15, Psalm 134, Jeremiah 47, and Psalm 114.

Chart showing chapters on the x-axis and the number of views on the y-axis

Chapters Seen in Their Entirety

The below chart shows what percentage of the time a chapter is viewed in its entirety, as compared to just seeing a few verses from the chapter. The data range from high (85% of people see Psalm 1 in its entirety) to low (11% of people see Jeremiah 29 in its entirety; almost everyone just looks at Jeremiah 29:11).

Chart showing chapters on the x-axis and the percentage of views looking at the complete chapter on the y-axis

Book Popularity

This last chart shows how popular each book is when controlling for the book’s length (the Psalms get more views than Jude in part because it’s a much longer book). The most popular books by this measure are Ephesians, Philippians, and Romans. The least popular books are Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Hosea.

Chart showing books on the x-axis and the number of views (controlled for book length) on the y-axis

Most Popular Verses

So, what are the most-viewed verses in the ESV? Here are the most popular verses (including complete chapter views):

  1. John 1:1, 1:13, 1:12, 1:14, 1:3, and the rest of John 1 dominate the list
  2. 1 Corinthians 13:4, 13:13 and the rest of 1 Corinthians 13.
  3. Genesis 1:26, Genesis 1:1, and the rest of Genesis 1
  4. Romans 1:16 and the rest of Romans 1.
  5. John 3:16

Here are the most popular verses excluding complete-chapter views, which should give a better sense of popular verses:

  1. John 3:16
  2. Proverbs 31:10 and following. We speculate that these verses appear because people often only look at part of this chapter.
  3. Matthew 5:27-30, concerning adultery. Verse 30 is the most popular of the four verses.
  4. Romans 8:28
  5. Romans 3:23
  6. Genesis 24:27

What are the least-viewed verses? Not surprisingly, they’re pretty obscure. At the time of our analysis, no one had looked at the following verses except as part of their complete chapters. (We’re introducing statistical noise by linking to them here.)

  1. Numbers 31:25
  2. Joshua 15:24, 15:40, 15:42, 15:50
  3. 1 Samuel 30:28
  4. 1 Chronicles 8:37
  5. Ezekiel 22:17


Some of the above charts include “complete chapter views.” We separated out queries that looked at partial chapters and queries that looked at complete chapters to minimize noise if a chapter were particularly popular.

Download the Excel file (6.6MB) containing the data and charts (including some we don’t show here) and do some exploring yourself.

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Joel’s Holiday Guide Mentions the ESV Classic Reference Edition

Joel has created a Holiday Guide to Bible Helps and References (also Part 1 and Part 3).

He mentions two features of the Classic Reference edition of the ESV that we don’t often highlight but that make it particularly suitable for in-depth Bible study:

  • Cross-references. Over 76,000 of them illuminate the interrelatedness of Scripture in ways you might otherwise miss. Bible Researcher gives more background on the usefulness of cross-references.
  • Free Logos CD-ROM containing the searchable ESV text. Computers have revolutionized Bible study. They make complex searches not just possible but instantaneous. Even some of the less-expensive ESV editions come with the free CD-ROM. If you’ve never studied the Bible with the help of a computer, we encourage you to give it a try.

Joel also talks about Bible dictionaries, atlases, handbooks, and commentaries as useful tools to deepen your study. Many of the books he mentions would make good gifts for someone who wants to study the Bible alongside reference materials. Certainly you’ll find them helpful if you’re leading a Bible study.

Two websites that have the ESV—Studylight.org and Crosswalk.com—also provide a wealth of study tools that help you interpret difficult (or easy!) passages.

Update: fixed typo.

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