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Justin Taylor Joins ESV Study Bible Team

As of January 30, Justin Taylor will be joining Crossway as Managing Editor for the ESV Study Bible, which is coming out in late 2008 or 2009. Prior to joining Crossway, Justin was the Director of Theology and Executive Editor at Desiring God.

His primary duties at Crossway will involve overseeing all the work that goes into creating the ESV Study Bible and ensuring that the project stays on schedule.

Justin recently moved to the Wheaton, Illinois, area where Crossway is located. He blogs at Between Two Worlds. Read an interview with him at Adrian Warnock’s blog.

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ESV Breaks into Top Ten Bible Sales in U.S. Christian Market

As of November 2005, the ESV is now among the ten top-selling translations in the U.S. Christian retail market, according to CBA Aspire Retail Magazine. Their monthly figures track sales in U.S. Christian bookstores.

The ESV sells well outside Christian bookstores; we suspect that a greater proportion of the ESV’s sales come through normal (secular) bookstores than do some other translations’.

Via Better Bibles (and internal Crossway sources).

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