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More 2006 ESV Editions

We’ve talked about the new ESV Journaling Bible, Daily Reading Bible, and God’s Story editions coming out later this year. But Crossway has a few more editions that introduce new covers on existing editions.

Brown/CordovanClassic Reference

Two new Classic Reference Editions are coming out this summer: a Brown/Cordovan Portfolio Design and a Charcoal Celtic Cross Design.

These two Bibles are the first Classic Reference editions (with the center column references) to appear in TruTone-style covers.

Gold RegencyCompact TruTone

A new Compact TruTone edition is coming: a Gold, Regency Design.

Gold RegencyClassic Thinline TruTone

Finally, a new Classic Thinline TruTone edition is coming: it’s also a Gold, Regency Design, though you can see that it looks a little different from its compact cousin.

Download the Catalog

Download Crossway’s Summer/Fall 2006 Catalog (7MB pdf) for the scoop on all its upcoming Bibles and books.

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Kids Reading the Bible Aloud

Robert at Unto the Breach shares the following story about his son reading the Bible out loud:

One of the coolest things in the world is when our 6-year old son reads Scripture out loud. This evening after dinner he read for us from Acts. He has a kid’s Bible but it is the same ESV translation that we use.

It’s enough to bring a tear to my eye hearing my son read and understand God’s word.

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ESV Available on iLumina MOBILE

The ESV is available in Olive Tree’s newest product for your PDA, iLumina MOBILE. It has the ESV text, the Life Application Bible Study Notes, commentaries, articles, videos, maps, and more. See the iLumina MOBILE site or the ESV iLumina page for more details.

Here’s the press release:

Olive Tree Bible Software Releases iLumina MOBILE ESV

SPOKANE, WA – (May 13, 2006) – In partnership with Tyndale House Publishers and Crossway Bibles, Olive Tree has released a new iLumina MOBILE package that includes the ESV Bible. Targeted to a new group of Bible software users, iLumina MOBILE ESV will help Olive Tree continue to expand their customer base and meet the diverse demands of the Bible software community. iLumina MOBILE is a software package based on the PC iLumina Gold version, but has been retooled to support Pocket PC and Palm OS devices. iLumina MOBILE is now available as the market’s first digitally animated Bible and encyclopedia suite-right in the palm of your hand.

“What impressed me most about the handheld is that nothing of the original essence of the PC has been lost. If anything, the graphics are brighter and crisper in the scaled down version,” says W. Victor Kore, Marketing Manager from Beers Publishing Group Tyndale House Publishers. “The user interface is well thought out too. From the main page, you are only a tap away from the Bible, the encyclopedia, timeline or multimedia. It is not only functional, but a pleasure to look at.”

iLumina MOBILE – a software suite that takes PDA Bible Study to a new level. The combination of material included in the package gives the user a wealth of information to enhance their Bible Study experience. Included in the MOBILE version is the addition of the NIV along with the NLT and the KJV Bibles, and a select number of video animations and tours, along with maps, timelines, and other useful information resources. The specially designed user interface works wonderfully to make this wealth of information just a tap away!

About Olive Tree Bible Software

Olive Tree Bible Software provides Bible versions and study tools for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Smartphone and Symbian cell phones, and BlackBerry devices. They publish over 80 electronic translations of the Bible, as well as commentaries, dictionaries, eBooks, and parsing tools. The Bible is offered in various languages, including German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and many others. Original Hebrew and Greek texts are also available. Additionally, web and online cell phone Bible search engines are provided. Visit www.OliveTree.com.

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ESV Online Mobile Edition Available

Do you have a cell phone or PDA that can browse the web? Now you can search and browse the ESV text in a mobile-friendly format. Start at http://www.gnpcb.org/esv/mobile/.

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Endorsement: Stephen J. Nichols

“Elegant in every way, the ESV is certain to take its place as one of the finest translations in the grand tradition of the English Bible. Scholars will appreciate the care and nuance of the translation, pastors will appreciate the cadence and rhythm of the text, and all who read it will appreciate the craftsmanship of this richly textured version. It has become my version of choice.”
Stephen J. Nichols
Professor, Lancaster Bible College

Crossway is publishing a new book by Dr. Nichols later this year.

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