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Favorite Bible Verses (Bible for Life)

On the Bible for Life page, we ask people to share their favorite Bible verses with us. We want, in turn, to share some of them with you:

Katie, Minnesota
Ephesians 1:4-8
I have a lot of favorite verses, but this one really sticks out to me! Because He chose us—me—to be holy and blameless in His sight. It’s just amazing, His love for us, and how He chooses us out of the world! It just blows me away!

Allison, Ohio
Matthew 11:28-30
This verse always seems to help me get through difficult situations. It reminds me that I need to give my problems to Jesus and let him handle anything I’m struggling with.

Pam, Oklahoma
Habakkuk 1:5
It just makes me think about all the things god has done for me that I had never expected.

Brenda, UK
Proverbs 3:5-6
I just love this part of the Bible so much. The fact that it reassures me again and again each moment of my life makes me grow in faith every day. And in my perspective, trusting God with all my heart is a very fundamental part of life for a teenage Christian.

Sadie, Kansas
Romans 8:38-39
NOTHING is able to separate us from God’s love. That is amazing.

Nikki, Ohio
Psalm 18:2
I love this verse! It helps us trust in our God even more! What an awesome God we have that he would be our rock, our fortress and our deliverer.

M., Louisiana
Jeremiah 9:23-24
This verse really shows everyone what we should boast in… it’s not our wisdom, not our might, and not our riches… but in the fact that we understand and know the Lord, that He exercises lovingkindness, judgment and righteousness in all the earth.

Katie, Indiana
Psalm 46
Whenever I start to feel like the world is pressing in too hard or that I can’t handle everything I have going on, I turn to Psalm 46. It reminds me that God is bigger than anything that I have to deal with and that I can turn to Him. He is my refuge and strength and He’s always there.

Brenda, Nebraska
Proverbs 3:5-7
This passage constantly reminds me that God is completely trustworthy and I may never fully understand what is really going on (this side of heaven) and that is completely OK—not only that but it reminds me that He does lead and direct and has in the past… I can trust Him to work it all out… to His satisfaction.

Cindy, Texas
Deuteronomy 4:7
This verse is so dear to my heart… As a college student away from Mom and Dad, it reminds me that my Heavenly Father is only a prayer away. "For what great nation is there that has a god so near to it as the LORD our God is to us, whenever we call upon him?" Such powerful words—"whenever we call upon him"—he’s always there! The fact that these words were spoken to the Israelites, God’s chosen people, just makes me smile because it also reminds me that I’m a precious, chosen child of the Most High God and despite the fact that I’m only one person in comparison to an entire nation, he will never leave me or forsake me.

Julie, Missouri
Hebrews 13:8
This verse is my favorite because it tells me that even though things in this world are constantly changing, Christ does not change. He has been and always will be the same; a solid rock to stand on in the midst of turmoil.

Bernadette, New York
Psalm 37:23
Even in the darkest times I am comforted by this verse. No matter what, my steps are ordered by the Lord.

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Using ESV Outreach Bibles for… Outreach

Steve at Reformissionary shares how his church used the ESV Outreach Bible to put into practice one of their “core values:”

One thing I have done is to not only apply the values so we know how we live them out, but also to have one significant and challenging application each week. I want our people to respond concretely to each value.

So, for example, the first Core Value was truth. For our concrete application we took an offering for Bibles that we could buy in bulk and have for giving to friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors. If we value truth, let’s get the Word out! The offering allowed us to buy 120 ESV Bibles (Outreach Edition, both OT and NT). It’s fun to watch our church respond and see something tangible happen because of it. The Bibles arrived early this week.

If you have a story of how you’re using the ESV for outreach, let us know—or blog about it.

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Daily Verse Screensaver for Mac OS X

Brett at inner.geek has created a screensaver that shows the ESV verse of the day. (You need OS X 10.4 Tiger or later.)

It uses Quartz to fetch the one of the ESV RSS feeds and is released under a Creative Commons license. Slick.

The screensaver shows the verse of the day text floating around while the background changes colors.

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More Blog Reviews of the Journaling Bible

Several people have reviewed the new ESV Journaling Bible since we last linked to reviews.

Gareth Russell (picked up at Moleskinerie):

Of course the big test is, when open does it lie flat? I’m pleased to say that with only a minimum of force, this Bible stays flat at Genesis 1! Hurrah! We all know how annoying it is to have to keep weighting down a page in order to read it. This of course indicates a good job at binding the Journaling Edition.

Mathew at Under Sovereign Grace:

Anyways, I have recently purchased my very own ESV Journaling Bible and am already enjoying the benefit of lined margins–which make for very readable, crisp note taking. My only question is Why not sooner? How has no one else ever thought of doing this? Really. . . wide margins have been around forever and no one ever thought, “Hey. Let’s put some lines in those margins to tidy up the notes”?

Laura at Words Behind Me:

I have also just received my ESV Journaling Bible, so I have yet another place to write stuff down. I really like this Bible–the size is very nice for carrying around, the paper is nice, the cover is nice, the elastic band that holds it closed is nice–ah. The type is a little small, but not so small that I can’t adjust to it. The journaling lines in the margins are very close together, too–does anyone really write that small? But, on balance, I like it very much.

Moleskine Notes:

I love my red leather bible I’ve had for the last 5 years but this one is just so cool. I write all over my other one so this is nice to have the space to write in the margins.

Colossians 3:16:

I have gone through a couple of the hardback bibles for study/note-taking and things like that. For some time I had wished that they would make a wide-margin study edition for note-taking, personal cross-references and things like that. Well, for several weeks now I have been using the ESV Journaling Bible and I love it!… The paper is good quality with minimal bleed (I use the Zebra F-301 pen in black, thin grip, not wide!). It is a terrific resource and this post is nothing more than a shameless recommendation (no, I don’t get paid by them, though I’m open to talks!).

J. Mark Bertrand, who also provides some history:

In a sense, Crossway has re-thought the wide margin concept, moving it out of the specialty realm and into the mainstream…. the more I think about it, the more I like it. Wide margin Bibles are such a great idea, so useful, but most people just don’t take advantage of them. The Journaling Bible has the potential to change that.

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Building Your Own Blank Bible

Tony at The Shepherd’s Scrapbook recounts how he made his own ESV blank Bible (blank pages interleaved with the Bible text) patterned after Jonathan Edwards’s.

  • Part 1 gives some background on the project.
  • Part 2 shares a failed attempt that involved glue. Lots of glue.
  • Part 3 tells of his final, successful attempt.

Here are some pictures of the successful rebinding. He ended up with three parts: Genesis-Job, Psalms-Malachi, and Matthew-Revelation.

Rebound Bibles show off their spiral binding and black covers.

The Bibles stacked on top of one another.

A Bible open to a page showing the Bible text on the left and notes on the right.

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