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New “Bible for Life” Radio Spots (March 2007)

We’ve released six new spots in the “Bible for Life” radio campaign. Each one-minute spot has someone reading a passage from the ESV and meditating on it.

This month features Garrett Goodwin from By the Tree, one about J.S. Bach, and others.

Listen to all the spots at www.bibleforlife.org.

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“The Bible I Read These Days…”

Donovan at Travelogue of a Blogger talks about the Bibles he reads. He uses three different Bible translations: one for general study, one for daily reading, and one (the ESV) for “intense study, particularly word study.”

There’s nothing wrong with (and much gained from) studying the Bible in several different translations; it’s especially useful when you’re studying a passage in-depth since no translation can fully communicate all the implications and nuances of the original languages.

Of course, we think the ESV serves well as a Bible to use in serious or casual study, daily devotions, preaching, and, as we like to say in our marketing, “all of life.”

Update: fixed typo. “Causal” Bible study, while potentially interesting, isn’t the same thing as “casual” Bible study.

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Bible Twitter

Do you Twitter? If so, get a free daily ESV Bible verse by adding esvdaily to your friends.

What’s Twitter? Twitter is a form of micro-blogging and the hot new thing. Do you have people who want to know everything you’re doing every minute of the day? Now you can tell them.

Does Twitter sound weird to you? It’s OK; you can live a full life without ever using Twitter.

Update: removed some pejorative adjectives.

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Geocoding the Bible

The folks at OpenBible.info have geocoded the Bible. In other words, they went through the Bible and found the latitude and longitude of nearly all the places mentioned.

They’ve produced satellite maps and KMLs (for Google Earth) for every book in the Bible that mentions a place, and KMLs for every chapter. Even better, all the data and maps are available under a Creative Commons license.

Jonah provides one of the best examples of how maps can help you study the Bible:

The map shows Joppa in modern Israel, Nineveh to the northeast in modern Iraq, and Tarshish far to the west in modern Spain.

Jonah starts out near Joppa. God tells him to go to Nineveh, so what does Jonah do? He heads to Tarshish, about as far away from Nineveh as he can get. Knowing this geography reinforces the comic aspects (in a literary sense) of Jonah’s character.

They also have an intriguing blog post (with pictures!) that highlights the changing geography over time in the Bible.

Full disclosure: a Crossway staff member helped develop the site.

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Blackberry in Church?

Bob at Theology, Technology, and Anything In Between blogs about using a cellphone PDA in church:

I recently forgot to bring my Bible to church, and then remembered that I could use the NET Bible and ESV, by surfing to their websites. I know people at our church who have Bible software for their Treo, so I thought I should try it.

It’s not too bad. I like being able to access a different translation, especially one with translators notes, during a sermon. I helps to bring some perspective if there are different ways in which a word is being translated, or could be used.

Are we heading into a world where churches let you text the pastor your questions during a sermon? (At least a couple of churches already do.) We’re not saying it’s a good or bad thing, but it presents one possible direction in which the church is heading.

Oh, and we’ve mentioned the ESV Mobile site, haven’t we?

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