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Smoking Makes Bibles Cost More

The Logos Bible Software Blog points to an article about how the rise of smoking in China drives up the cost of Bible paper.

There are at least two good reasons to stop smoking. Number one: It may damage your health. Number two: It raises the production costs for Bibles, ASSIST News Service reports. The Chinese craving for cigarettes is responsible for rising paper costs in bible printing, according to the business manager of the German Bible Society, Felix Breidenstein. Because of the rising demand for cigarette paper in China the special thin paper used in bible printing is getting more expensive, as Breidenstein told the German news magazine Der Spiegel.

Also see the original article (in German) or Google’s translation.

The same paper machines that produce Bible paper also produce other very thin papers like cigarette paper. Bible paper weighs about 35 grams per square meter (gsm, or grammage), while cigarette paper weighs about 20-24 gsm. Typical photocopier paper weighs about 80 gsm.

These thin-paper machines produce proportionally less Bible paper as they use more of their capacity for cigarette paper. Prices for Bible paper naturally rise when supply falls.

Other factors affect the recent increase in Bible-paper costs (including higher prices for raw materials), but the two trillion cigarettes smoked annually by the Chinese (and the 3.5 trillion smoked elsewhere) play a part.

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Interpreting the Bible for Kids

Christopher at TaylorWest has been blogging about paraphrases of the Bible (spoiler: he finds them helpful). Tucked in at the end of one of his posts are the reasons he reads the ESV with his kids and how he tries to (not) interpret the text for them:

When we read the Bible together at night with our children, we read from the ESV. Karis, Isaiah, and Gloria all follow along in their Children’s Edition of the ESV. When questions come up about the meaning of the text, I sometimes have to say, “Well, the meaning of the text isn’t that clear. I believe this is what the author meant, but others take it differently. They think it say[s] this.”

I think this demonstration of humility before the text instills greater trust in the text than if I were to simply say, “This is what the text means.” Especially since later on as they grow in their understanding of the text, they may find that my interpretation was not at all what the text said or meant. I don’t want my children to place their trust in my interpretation of a text. I want them to trust the text and figure out what it means. I believe this will create little theologians who will seek God’s help in figuring out what the text says instead of relying on daddy.

(Emphasis added.) Unrelatedly, earlier in the post he states well the ESV’s goal of being ambiguous where the original text is ambiguous:

I have to admit here, this is why I love the ESV. For the most part, they leave the English ambiguous where the Greek is ambiguous. Anyone who knows about the function of adverbial participles in Greek will know that there is often any number of ways the participle can be interpreted. In these cases the ESV has done a good job in leaving the participle open to interpretation instead of offering its own interpretation.

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Read the ESV on Your iPod

Tired of using your iPod for audio and video? Wish you could read the Bible on a 3-inch screen? Then podBible is for you. It has the complete ESV New Testament in a set of files browsable on your iPod—for free.

Go to podBible.org

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New “Bible for Life” Radio Spots (April 2007)

We’ve released six new spots in the “Bible for Life” radio campaign. Each one-minute spot has someone reading a passage from the ESV and meditating on it.

This month features Kristyn Getty, Leslie Montgomery, one about John Newton, and others.

Listen to all the spots at www.bibleforlife.org.

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Pocket Testament League Publishes ESV Gospel of John

The Pocket Testament League has published an ESV Gospel of John. Here’s what they say about it:

Blueprint for Life

If you’re having your home remodeled, your roof done, or just getting a plumber to fix a leak, you’ll appreciate this powerful tool for sharing your faith with tradespeople. Architects, electricians, construction workers and others will immediately relate to this cover design, with the easy-to-read ESV edition of the Gospel of John inside. Includes a Plan of Salvation and other standard features.

About this cover: This image of a blueprint with lumber and other tools of the construction trade will create an instant connection with anyone involved in the building industry. Don’t forget to bring a copy with you when you visit your local home building supplies retail store!

Also read their press release.

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