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Owning a Bible Is One Thing; Reading It Is Another

Anna at Hope Road wrote two Bible-related posts recently. The first reminds us of the privilege we have to be able to own Bibles, a privilege that sometimes leads us to value the Bible less than we should:

Wycliffe says that “more than 2,200 language communities still do not have true access to even one verse of Scripture.”

How sad is that? And while this reality should make us have hearts of eager willingness to do what we can to help those who are still without Scripture in their language, it should also fill us with gratefulness that we are blessed enough to have access to the Scriptures! It’s not a cliché to say that being able to read the Bible is a great blessing. It is, in fact, a luxury that hundreds of thousands of people would love to enjoy.

Right now, I have five Bibles in plain view…. Yet sometimes I let weeks go by without even a thought of thankfulness for my access to God’s living word.

In another post, Anna talks about how she’s struggling with what to read in her devotions and how being a Bible major enhances her devotions during the school year:

I realized I should add that being a Bible major in college, I’m used to having one or more classes that focus on somewhat intensive Bible study. During the summer, I really miss that addition to my regular quiet times, so it’s even harder to know how to incorporate actual study into what I’m used to doing during the school year.

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Two Approaches to Family Devotions

Gregory at IsaiahSix writes about switching from children’s Bible storybooks to a “real” Bible for family devotions:

One of the things we’ve been trying recently in my family is reading the actual Bible, not the condensed stories. Modern translations are often broken into sections and paragraphs short enough that they can be used in family worship times. It does take some leading questioning from the parents sometimes to help the children connect everything, but you would be surprised how readable and understandable the Bible’s text is to children. I recommend the English Standard Version or the Holman Christian Standard Bible because they are both easy to read, accurate translations….

The narrative sections of the Old Testament and the parables in the Gospels are excellent sources for family worship and they’re short enough to keep even the shortest attention spans engaged. If you have young children, give it a try. You may be surprised how much they’ll pick up on with just a little bit of guidance from you.

Meanwhile, Christ Centered Children recommends some Bible storybooks if your family isn’t ready to make the leap.

We should probably mention that in addition to the complete ESV Children’s Bible, Crossway publishes two Bible storybooks: The Big Picture Story Bible and 365 Bible Stories for Young Hearts.

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Unboxing an ESV

Ben from openswitch unboxes his new ESV. (Unboxing involves taking photos of something you’ve just bought as you take it out of its box, then posting those photos on the web. Usually people unbox electronics.) A commenter on the post notes that these photos may be the first Bible unboxing photos on the Internet. (But see update below.)

Here are a few photos for you:

The Bible in its box. The title page. All done.

Photo credits: frotzed2@flickr.

Update: Rae points to these Bible unboxing photos from 2005.

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New “Bible for Life” Radio Spots (June 2007)

We’ve released ten new spots in the “Bible for Life” radio campaign. Each one-minute spot has someone reading a passage from the ESV and meditating on it.

This month features Josh Weidman, Zoro the drummer, one about Oswald Chambers, and others.

Listen to all the spots at www.bibleforlife.org.

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One Way to Keep Up with Your Bible Memorizing

Memorize it with your kids:

The best thing I ever did for my scripture memory routine was to start memorizing scripture with my 5 year old. Today was a big day because she just went through Psalm 1 by herself. It’s such a blessing hearing her speak the word of God at such a young age…

This has also done wonders for my own scripture memory for obvious reasons. Day in and day out I’m reading, explaining and reviewing scripture with her.

The blogger goes on to describe the mechanics of how he and his daughter memorize: first, she tries to recite the passage; they focus on making sure she knows the passages without putting too much emphasis on making progress; he explains some of the ideas or difficult language.

If you’re interested, go leave a comment on the post about how you memorize Scripture, especially if you memorize it with your kids.

In another post, the blogger talks about how he’s been studying Greek on his own for the past two months. He describes the two touchstones of his study so far:

1. My Greek study must be in addition to, not instead of my daily devotional reading and personal study. This means, in a practical sense, two things to me:This could easily become the case if I suppose that somehow i would be “doing Bible study” by studying Greek. That is not the case. Eventually the two will intersect but in the early stages I need to make sure my devotional reading and application of the Word is not hindered, after all I would be opposing the goal if that were to happen.

2. My Greek skills cannot be trusted. It’s been said that a little bit of Greek can be a dangerous thing. It can open your hermeneutic up to all kinds of problems. I must remember that I’m doing “baby Greek” and need to consult the experts for real exegetical questions instead of relying on my own Greek expertise.

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