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New “Bible for Life” Radio Spots (September 2007)

We’ve released eight new spots in the “Bible for Life” radio campaign. Each one-minute spot has someone reading a passage from the ESV and meditating on it.

This month features Cheri Keaggy, Christin Ditchfield, one about Blaise Pascal, and others.

Listen to all the spots at www.bibleforlife.org.

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An 11-Volume Blank Reformation Study Bible

The saga of people turning their ESVs into blank Bibles (with blank pages interleaved throughout) continues. The person behind the latest endeavor is Marcia from Ruminations and Ramifications, who turned her ESV Reformation Study Bible into eleven bound volumes. Every other page is blank (until she fills up the blank space with her notes, that is).

See more pictures at Marcia’s blog.

Via The Shepherd’s Scrapbook.

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Pew Bibles Paid for by Students

The pew Bibles arrived in boxes. Kevin at BurtonBlog tells how his church was able to buy ESV pew Bibles thanks to donations from a university student. He also talks about how students contribute to the church, and not just financially. Some excerpts:

Our church did not budget money for Bibles and there was no plan to put ESV in the pews. But one of our students donated a few hundred dollars, from money made over the summer, so that we could all get on the same page on Sunday morning…..

When the student invasion first began at Burton there was a worry, by some, that these students were going to be a drain on resources while not being a great help in financial contributions. While not knowing what anyone gives on a regular basis, I do know that we have students who give what they can, when they can.….

Finances aside, the students have given much more than they have received at Burton. The last two weeks I have taken a wku student to our members in the nursing home. Why? This student wants to know them, so that she can then introduce them to other students. We have students who have tutored our youth, discipled our youth, been a taxi for our youth, etc.

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Photo Tour of Crossway’s Offices

Tony Reinke has the scoop.

A few people have asked what happens to the damaged books and Bibles we have in our warehouse. Answer: We typically give them away to ministries who use them for evangelism. Donations help support this ministry.

Crossway’s offices in Wheaton, Illinois.

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“Behold” in Matthew

Chris Hamer-Hodges muses about the word behold in the Bible:

When the New Testament writers use the word “behold!” they do so to get our attention. They do so because what follows is of special significance and importance. The word “behold” itself in the English is not ideal, because it is not widely used today and so can make a passage seem dated or religious, and that certainly is not the intention. But it is hard to think of a better alternative, especially considering the literal translation is the imperative for look….

There is no single English word that fits. One phrase I thought of was, “Mark my words!” In a language that originally lacked punctuation, it could also be seen as a literary device similar to the exclamation mark or bold italics.

He goes on to give an example from Mark Matthew of how the writer uses behold to focus the reader’s attention to certain elements in the text.

Update: Chris was actually quoting from Matthew, not from Mark.

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