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Jack Graham on the ESV

Jack Graham, Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, discusses why he switched to the ESV:

However, 18 months ago I made the decision to choose and use the English Standard Version as my primary reading and preaching/teaching Bible. I made this decision as a result of personal study and careful evaluation. The reason for such change is the balance of accuracy, clarity and readability found in the ESV….

Obviously, it is very important that you select a Bible you will use. The Word of God is our spiritual food for daily strength and the powerful testimony of God’s eternal Truth. Love it. Read it. Mark it. Memorize it. Live it. Trust it. Share it. I always encourage believers to bring their Bibles to worship services and interact with the Scripture as it is delivered from the pulpit. Large screens with Scriptural support for the message are no substitute for actually holding and handling God’s Word.

Jack Graham is also a Crossway author.

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“ESV: The Search Is Over”

The blogger at Tymetraveler’s Tale shares how he came to use the ESV:

Then out of nowhere into my life in 2007 comes the English Standard Version. It had been around for six years, but I had not heard of it. I investigated this “essentially literal” translation and was blown away…. In the past year I have purchased five ESV Bibles, all in different sizes, shapes, colors and formats, and have already given one away. It is the version used by our pastor and appears to be used by the majority of our denomination. The English Standard Version is right on and I hope it becomes the standard for the body of Christ.

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ESV iPhone Applications

ESV iPhone Applications
Three companies have released native iPhone applications featuring the ESV. You can find them in the App Store if you’ve upgraded your iPhone or iPod Touch to the 2.0 firmware.


First up is AcroBible ESV, which sells for $17.99.

The AcroBible screen shows an outline of John.

They say:

Experience the Bible in a whole new way with AcroBible for the iPhone and iPod touch. AcroBible ESV puts the entire English Standard Version of the Bible at your fingertips. The touchscreen interface makes it easy to navigate, browse, and search the Bible. Once installed, an internet connection is NOT required to read the Bible. AcroBible also offers advanced features such as margin notes, highlighting, and Web synchronization. Web synchronization means you have access to your notes and highlighting from any standard Web browser via our free on-line Bible at www.ibiblespace.org.


Next is BibleXpress, which sells for $29.99. The ESV will be available shortly.

The BibleXpress screen shows an excerpt from John.

They say:

BibleXpress is the Bible for the common Christian. Much more portable than a paper Bible or a web site masquerading as an application, BibleXpress gives you a wide selection of translations from conservative to contemporary directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Browsing the Scripture is exceptionally easy whether you know where that book is or not, Organize bookmarks and notes as you see fit. Take notes as simple text, or associate notes with individual Bible verses. BibleXpress can search the Bible with a powerful search engine.


Finally, LifeChurch.tv has a free application that requires a constant connection to the Internet.

The YouVersion.com screen shows an excerpt from John.

They say:

The YouVersion.com iPhone application allows you to easily search for and access any passage in the Bible! Choose one of many translations including the NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV, AMP, NASB, CEV, NASB, WEB, NCV, TNIV, the Message, or three Spanish versions. Check out what other YouVersion users are contributing or read from the Daily Reading Plan!

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ESV Study Bible Interview

Justin Taylor interviews Dr. Leen Ritmeyer (part 2), the Archaeological and Architectural Reconstruction Editor for the ESV Study Bible. The interview includes never-before-released drawings from the ESV Study Bible.

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Mounce Interview

Matthew at New Testament Perspectives has a two-part interview (part 1, part 2) with Bob and Bill Mounce, both of whom served on the ESV Translation Oversight Committee. A tidbit:

Bob: Teaming up with Bill on several projects these past half dozen years has brought more personal satisfaction than anything I have ever done professionally. How could it be anything else? He took the NT Chairmanship of the ESV only on the basis that “his Dad could work on it with him.” I recall leaving a meeting with the publishers at some convention and Bill asking me if I understood what the decision made there meant—the translation process would begin with us doing the first draft of the entire NT with it going for review to scholars who had each recently written a critical commentary on the specific book and then on to the translation committee as a whole. No, I didn’t realize what that would actually entail but four years later at the completion of the project I sure knew! A father couldn’t help but enjoy that sort of professional interchange with his son.

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