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Mark Driscoll on Nightline

Last night, Nightline aired this segment on Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church.

For a fuller picture of the ministry at Mars Hill and of Mark Driscoll, we encourage you to check out MarsHillChurch.org and the resources of Re:Lit.

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Crossway Finalists for the Christian Book Awards

Crossway Books is excited to have three finalists for the 2009 Christian Book Awards. Since 1978 the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association has recognized quality and encouraged excellence by presenting the ECPA Christian Book Awards (formerly known as Gold Medallion) each year.

After a rigorous judging process, five finalists are selected in each of six categories: Bibles, Fiction, Children & Youth, Inspiration & Gift, Bible Reference & Study, Christian Life.

The winner from each category will be announced at the Christian Book Expo 2009.

Crossway’s finalists:

The ESV Study Bible (The Bible Category): The ESV Study Bible was created to help people understand the Bible in a deeper way—to understand the timeless truth of God’s Word as a powerful, compelling, life-changing reality. To accomplish this, the ESV Study Bible combines the best and most recent evangelical Christian scholarship with the highly regarded ESV Bible text. The result is the most comprehensive study Bible ever published—with 2,752 pages of extensive, accessible Bible resources.

Spectacular Sins by John Piper (Christian Life Category): John Piper poignantly shares what God wants us to know about his sovereignty and Christ’s supremacy when we encounter sin or tragedy. These bold, biblical assurances and joy-infused declarations will bolster your trust in the utter sovereignty of God and strengthen your surety in him.

Hope . . . the Best of Things by Joni Eareckson Tada (Inspiration and Gift Category): Her wheelchair has taught this beloved author a lesson for us all: that hope really is the best of things when we give it a chance. Tada’s stories and scriptural encouragement, as well as her personal insights about suffering and the goodness of God, give new life to the discouraged and new perspective on our difficulties.

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On President Obama’s First Week in Office

Stephen Monsma, author of Healing for a Broken World: Christian Perspectives on Public Policy, shares his thoughts on the inauguration of President Barack Obama and his first week in office:

The inauguration of our 44th President on January 20 was a special event in a way that most inaugurations of new Presidents are not. It also raised concerns among many evangelicals. Both the special nature of the inauguration and the basis of many persons concerns were already on full display during the first days of President Obama.

The election and inauguration of our first African-American President is truly a cause for rejoicing, and stands as a testimony to God’s grace and the ability of American society to change for the better. President Obama moved quickly to make clear that torture and torture-like “enhanced interrogation” techniques have no place in America. He also clearly signaled his intention to follow through on campaign promises to end bitter partisan divides and to take a more bipartisan approach.

As evangelicals we can thank God for these signs of the weakening of racism in our society and for the President’s attempt to move away from actions and policies that divided and embittered us as a people.

But in his first days President Obama also signed an executive order reversing the policy of George W. Bush not to fund the abortion-related activities of international family planning agencies that provided abortions or make abortion referrals. The fears of many who are working tirelessly to defend life were thereby realized.

One mark of the brokenness of our world is that positive trends and negative trends come bound up in the same political leaders. No leaders—including our new President—is worthy of uncritical acclaim nor deserving of undivided denunciation. May God give us the wisdom to recognize when our leaders do right and when they do wrong, and to support the former and condemn the latter.

With that, let us pray, trusting in God’s sovereignty over the nations and the rulers of them, for increased wisdom among our political leaders and for God’s direction, as they continue to lead us in this new term.

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The Works of Francis Schaeffer

Dr. Douglas Groothuis, Professor of Philosophy at Denver Seminary, recently reviewed Francis Schaeffer and the Shaping of Evangelical America by Barry Hankins and Francis Schaeffer: An Authentic Life by Colin Duriez.

Groothuis urges Christians – both young and old – to read more of and about Francis Schaeffer to learn from his life of authenticity, piety, truth, and courage. In speaking of Schaeffer’s apologetic approach, he writes:

“[His] writings always engaged humans as cultural and individual beings, not disembodied intellects; hence, his emphasis on painting, music, architecture, and literature as revealing the conditions of non-Christian individuals and cultures. Further, Schaeffer was renowned for his ability to make Christianity pertinent in one-on-one and small group conversations, which involved much give and take and creativity. Schaeffer was no mere logic chopper. Schaeffer believed in the necessity of reason for a coherent, cogent, and livable worldview, but he did not affirm the sufficiency of reason. We finite and fallible humans need God’s propositional revelation in Scripture to make sense of ourselves, our world, and our God.”

You can check out Colin Duriez’s excellent biography on Francis Schaeffer here.

If you’d like to dig into the writings of this great apologist, evangelist, pastor, and cultural commentator, here’s a list of the Schaeffer books published by Crossway:

  1. How Should We Then Live?: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture
  2. The Finished Work of Christ
  3. Death in the City
  4. A Christian Manifesto
  5. The Great Evangelical Disaster
  6. Whatever Happened to the Human Race?
  7. No Little People
  8. Pollution and the Death of Man
  9. Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History
  10. 25 Basic Bible Studies
  11. The Church at the End of the Twentieth Century
  12. Letters of Francis A. Schaeffer

Or, available as ever, The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer.

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Mark Dever at Desiring God’s Pastors Conference

Mark Dever, author of The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, will be joining John Piper, Matt Chandler, and Michael Oh at next month’s Desiring God Pastors Conference in Minneapolis—The Pastor, the Church, and the Perishing.

It’s not too late to sign up.

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