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Homeschool Reviews – Treasuring God in Our Traditions

Recently Crossway’s homeschool book reviewers looked at Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper.

1581345089As one reviewer said, “Noel Piper’s book Treasuring God in Our Traditions has a lot of inspiration and heart to offer its readers. She reveals the layers of our traditions and gives us a goal of applying our Christian faith through these well-planned efforts that last a lifetime.”

Other comments from the reviewers:

“Noël Piper opens her home to you—more than thirty years of marriage and mothering. She invites you into the happy, imperfect Piper pattern of life (including a few family-occasion poems written by her husband, John). But, even better, she roots things in the Bible.”

Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper is a time-honored book that helps us direct our children to delight in God through establishing family traditions.”

“This book has really opened my eyes to see how fun and encouraging it can be to train up a child to understand and desire a relationship with God.”

Their full reviews can be read by visiting the following blogs:

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  12. Gail’s Reviews

If you would like to join Crossway’s Homeschool Book Review Program or find out more about it, feel free to e-mail Crossway at marketing[at]crossway.org.

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The Bookends of the Christian Life

9781433503191Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington’s new book is now available. In The Bookends of the Christian Life, Bridges and Bevington provide an extended metaphor to explain two provisions on which believers must rely—the righteousness of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Aimed at helping readers comprehend the doctrines of justification and sanctification—The Bookends is for all who recognize the utter insufficiency of their own righteousness and are desperate for help in living the Christian life.

Visit www.TheBookendsBook.com for more information and access to a free study guide.


“Forgiveness of  sin  and power  to  change—I  can  think of no more essential topics for a Christian to study than these twin blessings of the gospel. And I can think of no one better to write on these topics than Jerry Bridges. Jerry has provided for me over the years a constant diet of gospel-saturated writing, and here is a fresh feast. I trust you will enjoy it as much as I have” - C.J. Mahaney

“Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington look at the Christian life through a wide-angle lens, examining the framework that supports, stabilizes and secures the believer’s life in Christ. They teach elements of a distinctly biblical worldview, leaning upon the righteousness of Christ on one hand and upon the power of the Holy Spirit on the other. A wise and powerful book, one I heartily recommend.” - Tim Challies

“Thinking you understand  the gospel but applying  it only  to salvation is like barely releasing your sail and slogging through the waves. Bookends will equip you to release that sail, catch the mighty wind of God, and see every ‘book’ in your life transformed.” - Dee Brestin

“Through his many books, Jerry Bridges has been shepherding my soul since I first became a Christian sixteen years ago. He has done it again. As I have come to expect, he has provided a sea of theological matter in a drop of devotional  language. Here you will  find God-centered doctrine that is delectably deep and down to earth at the same time. I promise that if you read this book carefully and prayerfully, you will gain both an informed mind and an enlarged heart.” - Tullian Tchividjian

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ESV Bible Widget

After receiving the suggestion from one of our blog readers a few weeks ago (send your ideas to blog[at]esv.org), we created an ESV widget for the OS X Dashboard.


This widget, once installed, will allow you to search by verse, keyword, or phrase from your dashboard, directing you to the ESV text within the ESV Online Study Bible. This widget works even if you don’t have a registered Online Study Bible account. You just won’t have access to the Online Study Bible features once there (though you can purchase the ESV Online Study Bible or test drive it for free through March 31st).

View this example of where the ESV Widget takes you after searching John 3:1-21, or this broader search for the word “holiness”.

How to install the ESV widget:

Mac OS X 10.4 is required.

If you’re using Safari:
  1. Click the download link.
  2. When the widget download is complete, Show Dashboard
  3. Click the Plus sign to display the Widget Bar
  4. Click the widget’s icon in the Widget Bar to open it.
If you’re using a browser other than Safari:
  1. Click the download link.
  2. When the widget download is complete, unarchive it and place it in /Library/Widgets/ in your home folder.
  3. Show Dashboard
  4. Click the Plus sign to display the Widget Bar
  5. Click the widget’s icon in the Widget Bar to open it

How to use the ESV widget:

  1. Show Dashboard
  2. Type “john 3:16″ (or whatever verse or words you want) into the widget.
  3. Hit Enter. The widget will send you to the search page on the ESV website.
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Spurgeon’s Sobering Sermon on Spitting in the Face of Christ

By Nancy Guthrie

In the collection of writings about the incarnation, Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus, I included an edited version of a sermon by Charles Spurgeon that explored all of the places where there was “no room” for Jesus. If you are like me, when you read that piece, you can almost hear Spurgeon passionately preaching from his London pulpit. More significantly you want to “make room” for Jesus in every place of your own heart and life, “preparing the way of the Lord.” I have a similar response in reading the Spurgeon sermon I adapted for Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross called “Then Did They Spit in His Face.” Reading through it causes me to feel the horror and heinousness of humanity spitting into the face of God as we did when the religious leaders of Jesus’ day spit in the face of Jesus.

To any of us who would be quick to say, “I was not there; I did not spit in his face” Spurgeon forces us to see the subtle ways we, too, spit in the face of God. “The mere act of spitting from the mouth seems little compared with this sin of spitting with the very heart and soul and pouring contempt upon Christ by choosing some sin in preference to him. Yet, alas! How many are thus still spitting in Christ’s face.”

He also invites us to courageously share in the suffering of Jesus saying, “Let us say to ourselves, ‘Then did they spit in his face. What, then, if they also spit I mine?’ . . . See, that wretch is about to spit in Christ’s face! Put your cheek forward, that you may catch that spittle upon your face, that it fall not upon him again, for as he was put to such terrible shame, every one who has been redeemed with his precious blood ought to count it an honor to be a partaker of the shame, if by any means we may screen him from being further despised and rejected of men.”


NANCY GUTHRIE has a passion for sharing God’s Word through her growing national and international Bible-teaching ministry. She has worked in the Christian publishing industry for more than two decades and is the author of Holding On to Hope, The One-Year Book of Hope, Hoping for Something Better, and Crossway’s Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus.

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“Worldliness” Highlights

worldliness1Over at the 9Marks blog, Jonathan Leeman recently shared some chapter highlights from Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World (Sep 2008), edited by C.J. Mahaney:

Chapter 1 – Is This Verse in Your Bible? (C.J. Mahaney)
Chapter 2 – God, My Heart, and Media (Craig Cabaniss)
Chapter 3 – God, My Heart, and Music (Bob Kauflin)
Chapter 4 – God, My Heart, and Stuff (Dave Harvey)
Chapter 5 – God, My Heart, and Clothes (C.J. Mahaney)
Chapter 6 – How to Love the World (Jeff Purswell)

C.J. Mahaney is spotlighted in this month’s Next webzine, where you’ll find his introductory chapter from Worldliness and Justin Taylor provides an introduction to C.J. as well.

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