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Rescuing Ambition Last Day for the Pre-Order Special!

978143351491312Dave Harvey’s new book, Rescuing Ambition, releases next month. Through the end of Friday, you can pre-order it for 35% off!

When ambition dies or is neglected, big dreams die. And when big dreams die, the world misses out, and we fail to realize the full potential that God has given us.

I think that Harvey is right on in this. We have let ambition lie neglected, and as a result have become too accustomed to dreaming small dreams. By rescuing ambition, Harvey encourages us to dream big dreams that are worthy of a big God, instead of being content with life as usual and the status quo.

Check out the full review by Matt Perman of Desiring God.

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New from Crossway in May!

Check out what’s coming from Crossway in May!

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Marriage Questions? Here’s Your Opportunity To Ask Paul Tripp!

what-did-you-expectIn counseling hundreds of engaged couples, Paul David Tripp has found they rarely listen to his warnings of the inevitable difficulties of marriage. Tripp receives calls from married couples after the trance of romance has worn off—they’re ready to call it quits. It happens to everyone,” Tripp writes. “It is the unavoidable reality of marriage. Somehow, someway, every marriage becomes a struggle. Spending time together is radically different from living together. Reasons for attraction become sources of irritation.

At some point you need something sturdier than romance. You need something deeper than shared interests and mutual attraction.” In Tripp’s new book, What Did You Expect??: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage, he suggests that both the problem and solution can be summed up in one word: worship.

Tripp has shared marriage insights with thousands across the continent, and now he’s extending the opportunity to our readers! Pick up your copy of What Did You Expect??: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage. From May 12th-May 17th we will open the flood gates for you to submit your marriage questions to Paul. Starting May 24th you’ll want to tune into the Crossway blog where Paul will be answering select questions via video. We look forward to hearing from you in May!

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Ministry is Theology in Action

biblical-theology-in-the-life-of-the-churchEvery pastor is a theologian. The question is whether their theology is biblical. “I am convinced that if we want our ministry to have a lasting impact and churches to be healthy we must first do our theology well,” writes Michael Lawrence in Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church. He argues that learning to do biblical theology is no mere academic exercise. It shapes preaching, counseling, evangelism, the ability to engage wisely with culture, and more.

What does a pastor’s role as theologian look like practically? Here are a few examples:

  • Teaching the church about God’s goodness and sovereignty, so that when a child is diagnosed with cancer, the parents will be grief-stricken but not completely undone.
  • Equipping the eighteen-year-olds heading off to college with the necessary tools for facing the radical relativism of their professors.
  • Knowing how to help the man in your church who is struggling with whether or not God knows the future because his brother-in-law from another church gave him a bad book.
  • Helping a young wife and mother who struggles with perfectionism and people-pleasing to find her justification and worth in the gospel.
  • Preparing the engaged couple for the challenges of marriage through premarital counseling that focuses on God’s plan for our holiness and not just instantaneous happiness.

Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church is essentially a biblical theology how-to guide to help pastors learn how to pastor well. Learn more here.

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Women’s Conference with Elyse Fitzpatrick April 30-May 1

If you’re a lady age 12 and up and you’re in the Gaithersburg, MD area this weekend, you should register for Elyse Fitzpatrick’s Because He Loves Me conference. Why? Because it’s free, it’s all about the gospel, and it’s going to be good!

Go here for more details and to register! If you can’t make it, check out Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick.


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