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Adopted by the Robbs, Adopted by Christ

“My physical adoption is just a small glimpse of what God has done [for] me in Christ on a much, much greater scale.”

Roselyn Robb shares her story of adoption, meeting her biological parents, and the gospel.

“Adopted for Life” – Rosalynn from Crossway on Vimeo.

Learn more about Adopted for Life.

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Adoption, God’s Provision, and the Gospel

In Adopted for Life, author Russell Moore did more than just communicate information about adoption. His book is a commission to churches and believers to be more than spectators. It’s a great-commission issue. It’s a battle for the souls of the lost. It’s a call to God’s people to get involved.

Continue with us this week as we’re hearing stories of those stepping up to the front lines of adoption.

“One thing [Russell Moore] talks about in his book is, the more gospel-centered we become, the more of a burden for orphans we will have. And the more adoption-friendly our churches become, the more we’ll understand about the gospel.”

Rocky and Susanne Clark share their story about God’s love, provision, and adoption:

“Adopted for Life” – Rocky, Susan, Bryson and Brady from Crossway on Vimeo.

Learn more about Adopted for Life.

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Adopted for Life; Adopted for Eternity

“The word ‘adopted’ is not an adjective that goes with a child and describes him for his entire life but it’s something that happened in the past tense…It’s something to rejoice in…he is our son. He’s not our adopted son.” – Michelle Fowler

In the following video, the Fowler’s tell their story about the non-appealable nature of adoption and the gospel:

“Adopted for Life” – Jason, Michelle and Russell from Crossway on Vimeo.

Learn more about Adopted for Life.

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Raising Children in a Post-Christian, Anti-Family Society

web_cover_imageMore teens are turning away from the faith than ever before.  Some estimate over 80% of Christian teens walk away from Christianity by the end of their freshman year of college. Something must be done.

In Family Driven Faith, Voddie Baucham shows readers that God has not left us alone in raising godly children in a post-Christian, anti-family society. Based on God’s command to Moses in Deuteronomy 6 to teach the Word diligently to the children of Israel, Baucham provides principles for multi-generational faithfulness.

Hear what parents are saying about Family Driven Faith from around the blogosphere:

1. A Life Better Than I Deserve: “Expect to be challenged to consider such ideas as homeschooling your children, joining a family-integrated church, catechizing your children, sacrificing sports goals for your children in favor of both corporate and family worship, understanding and practicing a biblical view of love and more.”

2. Embracing Destiny: “With refreshing honesty and eye-opening facts and figures, Baucham calls Christian parents to step up to the God-given responsibility and privilege of worshiping as a family and instilling Biblical truth and values in our children.”

3. Think Outside the Box: “While this book is written for all Christian parents, there is one important thing that stood out for us because it’s personal to us. Being an African American (AA) Christian who thinks outside the box has come with many challenges. Having another black man talk about the things Voddie shares is so encouraging to other black men like my husband.”

4. Canadian Ladybug Reviews: “Family Driven Faith is a must have for any family – especially those who are wondering how to bring back their kids on the right path. It is never too late. You can do something about it.”

5. Happy Little Homemaker: “There was very little I disagreed with in this book. In fact, I agreed so much that it took forever to read this book because I kept getting distracted by having to remedy certain things. Especially in the section where he discussed training your children in character and about God; I jumped right up and began buying the homeschool books I’d been wanting for my preschool daughter because I knew I didn’t have many books like that for her age. I spent the whole book doing things like that.”

6. Home . . . with Purpose: “To sum it up, I think Family Driven Faith should be required reading for every Christian parent! It’s nothing short of a clearly organized manual to equip parents with the tools needed to raise our children biblically. What a treasure!”

7. Pam’s Private Reflections: “I liked Mr. Baucham’s frank convictions and his ability to stand up for what he believes. While I respectfully disagree with some of his advice, it is thought provoking and worth reading.”

8. Eskypades: “Overall, there are many things in the book that need to be said and said repeatedly and loudly. Unless we as Christians in general wake up to the reality that our children are not learning of God through either our direct teaching nor by indirect example through our lives, what hope do we have of their continuing in the Christian faith? I would recommend this book (with some reservation) since there are several things that can be learned from the book, especially in the area of family worship, which I thought was the best chapter in the book.”

9. Hearthside Homeschool Reviews . . . and More: “While I agree with Voddie Bauchman Jr’s quote, taken from the book jacket for his book, Family Driven Faith, I find that I do not agree with his conclusions.”

10. Debbie’s Homeschool Corner: “I have read a lot of Christian parenting books and am very impressed with this one. It is full of practical information and ideas for teaching children a Christian worldview and implementing a family worship time.”

11. Dark Glass Ponderings: “In short, I LOVED this book!  I think it has so much to offer any family who desires to disciple their children, but may lack the know-how.”

12. Growing for Christ: “Don’t read this book……if you want to be told like it is.  Voddie Baucham, Jr will lay it down and he doesn’t hold back, his teachings are from the Bible and strictly Biblical. There are no water downed, feel good platitudes…”

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What is a Steward?

steward(Original post from the Resurgence)

A steward gladly acknowledges that he or she belongs to the Lord. This is exactly what Paul says in Romans 1:6 when he reminds Christians that they “belong to Jesus Christ.” Subsequently, stewards understand that everything they have and are logically belongs to the Lord. . . .

A steward recognizes that everything ultimately belongs to the Lord. The Bible recognizes private property ownership, which explains why it forbids stealing. Above all, though, the Bible repeatedly teaches that God alone is the ultimate owner of everything, because it comes from him and is ruled over by him. God’s ownership includes all wealth: “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, declares the LORD of hosts.” God’s ownership extends to the natural resources we cultivate for wealth, as God says in Psalm 50:10: ‘”For every beast of the forest is mine, the cattle on a thousand hills.” Even the abilities we use to earn a living are gifted to us by God and are to be humbly used, as Deuteronomy 8:17—18 says: “Beware lest you say in your heart, ‘My power and the might of my hand have gotten me this wealth.’ You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth.” . . .

Simply put, stewards know they deserve hell. Everything that they enjoy belongs to God and is gifted to them for enjoyment and service. Practically, this means the air we breathe, the food we eat, and everything else is a gracious gift from our loving God.

Stewards seek to faithfully oversee all that God has entrusted to their oversight. Because they see that they and all that has been entrusted to their care belong to God alone, they aspire to manage everything in their life in a God-glorifying way. Additionally, they do not want to be guilty of robbing God by failing to manage his resources according to his wishes.

From Doctrine, Chapter 12. Stewardship: God Gives (pgs. 373–374). Doctrine is out now.

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