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Audio Book Sale

We’re pleased to offer 60% off the following audio book titles through May 31st:

Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce (Audio Book)

Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce By John Piper ($12.99 $5.20)

John Piper’s biography of William Wilberforce takes readers beyond Wilberforce’s battle against slavery and explores the beliefs and motivations of this influential evangelical politician. Unabridged on 1 CD (1 hour 11 minutes).

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John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace (Audio Book)

John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace By Jonathan Aitken ($39.99 $16.00)

A fascinating, colorful, and historically significant portrait of slave-trader-turned-Christ-follower John Newton. Unabridged on 12 CDs (13 hours 33 minutes).

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Couragous Parenting (Audio Book)

Courageous Parenting by Jack and Deb Graham ($22.99 $9.20)

Jack and Deb Graham outline biblical principles for a fruitful family life and offer trustworthy advice to parents in need of encouragement. Unabridged on 5 CDs (5 hours 4 minutes).

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The Faith of Condoleezza Rice (Audio Book)

The Faith of Condoleezza Rice by Leslie Montgomery ($26.99 $10.80)

How did a young black girl raised in Birmingham, Alabama, in the turbulent 1960s grow up to become the first female National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State? Condoleezza Rice’s story of success in the public sphere is powerful, but even more compelling is the story of how her Christian faith has served as her foundation for dealing with heartache and struggle. This biography examines Rice’s faith and how it has shaped her. Listeners will discover in her a Christian hero and will seek to cultivate the same fruit that is apparent in her life.

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Taking Back the Good Book: How America Forgot the Bible and Why It Matters to You (Audio Book)

Taking Back the Good Book By Woodrow Kroll ($24.99 $10.00)

Taking Back the Good Book explores America’s apathetic-even hostile-attitude toward biblical principles. Kroll offers practical suggestions to help Christians foster a deep love and understanding of God’s Word and develop a personal strategy to fuel their passion and understanding of the Bible.

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Breathing Grace (Audio Book)

Breathing Grace by Harry Kraus ($26.99 $10.80)

Breathing Grace is a unique look at a topic that stands at the very core of the Christian faith. Dr. Harry Kraus, best-selling author and practicing surgeon, reveals the gospel of grace through a series of medical metaphors, predominantly the physiology of our need for and the utilization of oxygen. The clinical flavor of the book brings to life a subject that many Christians have failed to grasp and incorporate into their daily lives, illustrating our need, God’s provision, and the moment-by-moment inflow and exhalation of grace to a starving world.

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Top Grain Leather Single Column Legacy Bible Now Shipping

We’re thrilled to announce that the ESV Single Column Legacy Bible, Top Grain Leather Edition has arrived in our warehouses and will be shipping soon. The Single Column Legacy Bible was originally published in January 2012, but the Top Grain Leather Edition had some manufacturing defects. A number of you have been patiently waiting for it’s arrival. It’s immediately available for sale on our website, and we’re prioritizing our shipments to other distributors. For more information on the Single Column Legacy Bible, see our original blog post.

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Heart Check: Are You Working for God’s Glory or Your Own?

We all want to feel good about the efforts we make at work. But a healthy sense of accomplishment can quickly turn to smugness when our proposals are well received, our ideas affirmed, our sales made, our clients happy, or our deals done. For those in vocational ministry, the temptation may be the number of seats filled in the sanctuary, a well-received sermon, the number of people who say “thanks”, and the like. It makes us feel good about ourselves and our abilities.

A section in Don’t Waste Your Sports by C. J. Mahaney encourages athletes to do a heart-check, to see whether they are playing for their glory or God’s glory. The same principles apply to those of us who can’t dribble a ball or retired from the field when we received our high school diploma. The following is lightly adapted from C. J.’s thoughts:

There are a few telltale signs that we are working for our own glory instead of God’s glory. We know we are falling into this trap when:

  • We have no higher purpose than succeeding.
  • We are more concerned about improving our skill or accomplishing our agenda than growing in godliness.
  • We use our occupation to glorify ourselves, rather than glorifying God through godly actions.

Unfortunately, it easy to grow in our own abilities and skills while neglecting growth in humility, self-control, or other Christ-like qualities. As Christians, there are things we can do to maintain our humility and make sure we are working for God’s glory:

  • Thank God for the gifts and opportunities he has given you.
  • Recognize your limitations with humility.
  • Welcome correction and the contribution of others.
  • Honor those in positions of authority over you.
  • Put your team’s or company’s interests ahead of your own.

By consciously making these efforts, you can transform an environment that’s prone to pride and selfishness to one that appreciates humility and demonstrates the love of God.

Content modified from Don’t Waste Your Sports. Download a sample chapter.
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Win a Crossway Re:Lit Library on the Explicit Gospel Tour

Are you planning to be at The Explicit Gospel Tour? If not, there’s still time to sign up for South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida. If you’re attending, be sure to stop by the Crossway book table to enter to win an entire Crossway Re:Lit library!

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Behind the Book: Phil Ryken Talks About “Loving the Way Jesus Loves”

Phil Ryken gives readers a behind the scenes perspective on the art and content development of his recent book, Loving the Way Jesus Loves:

Learn more about the Lovetown PA Project, Loving the Way Jesus Loves, or download a sample chapter.

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