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A Letter from Lane Dennis Regarding the Flood

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, the Crossway building was flooded recently, on Thursday, April 17, during the extraordinary downpour that hit the Chicago area. The area surrounding our building was underwater for many blocks, and we ended up with 20 inches of water in our building. The effect of the flood was to wipe out all of our first-floor offices, about 35 in all.

The entire Crossway staff has responded tremendously, working tirelessly to get us up and running the next day—relocating key staff, moving vital IT resources, and setting up customer service teams at our off-site warehouse. However, everything on the first floor will need to be rebuilt, and all the furniture replaced, a process that will take four to six months.

We are currently assessing the damage and negotiating with our insurer, but a sizable portion of the losses, repairs, and restoration will not be covered by insurance. Additionally, we will need to make significant modifications to the building, to protect against the possibility of future flood damage.

I didn’t think we would ever have to go though the same waters that we did about three years ago—though in the Lord’s providence this is the case. But even though we have experienced both flood and fire in recent years, our confidence is all the more in the Lord, who alone is our hope and our salvation. Several Scriptures of encouragement come to mind:

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you;
when you walk through fire you shall not be burned,
and the flame shall not consume you” (Isaiah 43:2)

“But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on God who raises the dead. He delivered us from such deadly peril, and he will deliver us. On him we have set our hope that he will deliver us again” (2 Corinthians 1:9)

“We went through fire and through water,
yet you have brought us out to a place of abundance” (Psalm 66:12)

May we have great confidence in “the place of abundance” that the Lord will provide in his grace and mercy, through Christ our Savior. We “trust in you, O Lord. . . . You are [our] God. [Our] times are in your hand” (Psalm 31:14, 15).

We are deeply grateful to each of you—for your friendship and partnership in our ministry, for your prayers in this time of trial, for your continued encouragement and help as we recover from the flood. Once again, we see this as an occasion to trust the Lord to accomplish far beyond anything we can ask or think—to continue faithfully providing God’s Word and gospel-centered resources to serve the church, to proclaim the gospel, and to reach a world that is desperately lost without Christ. May the Lord use this challenge to bring us closer to himself, for the furtherance of the gospel, and for the display of his glory.

With our great appreciation for each of you,



Lane T. Dennis, PhD

President and CEO, Crossway

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iOS App Released for ESV Global Study Bible

Crossway is pleased to announce the release of an iOS app for the ESV Global Study Bible. It features all the content of the print edition of the Global Study Bible, including study notes, book introductions, the global message of each Bible book, and articles.

You can download it in the iOS app store for $9.99.


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Journey to Joy – Launch Week Special

“True happiness comes from within.” At least that’s what our culture tells us while beating the drum of self-esteem as the route to real joy.

But what if this is wrong? What if true joy comes not from within, but from without? What if it comes from God himself?

Embedded in the Bible is a little-known guidebook to the lasting joy we long for. The Psalms of Ascent—a set of 15 Psalms that share honestly about the heights and the depths of life while celebrating the faithfulness of God.

In Journey to Joy, pastor Josh Moody helps us to engage and explore Psalms 120 – 134, offering practical counsel, perceptive insights, and personal experience as a fellow pilgrim on the joy-filled journey to the father heart of God.

To celebrate the book’s release, we’re pleased to offer the digital edition for only $0.99 through Monday April 29. You will find the discounted ebook on Crossway.org and participating ebook distributors.

Preview an excerpt from the book

Download a PDF of the excerpt

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Weekly Ebook Deals: Books You’ll Actually Read

When it comes to communicating key Christian truths, length is not always necessary. This was Mark Driscoll’s foundational vision for the Book You’ll Actually Read series—to provide busy Christians with books they’d surely have time to read . . .

  • . . . On Church Leadership
  • . . . On Who Is God?
  • . . . On the Old Testament
  • . . . On the New Testament

Along with the newest volume—On the Grace of God—we’re pleased to offer the entire Book You’ll Actually Read series digitally for $1.99 each.

To learn more about each book, click on the covers below to find them at Crossway.org. You will find them at their reduced prices on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christianbook.com, eChristian, Vyrso, or your participating independent bookstore’s site. Discounted prices available through 4/29/2013.

Featured eBooks:

On the Grace of God

New Release!

On the Grace of God by Justin S. Holcomb


This small book, which can be read in about an hour, shows how God’s grace is the foundational theme and primary message of all of Scripture. Part of the A Book You’ll Actually Read series.

Rid of My Disgrace

Rid of My Disgrace by Justin S. Holcomb, Lindsey A. Holcomb

$12.99 $0.99

*Featured in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.*

A compassionate and hopeful resource to help adult victims of sexual assault move from brokenness to healing. This book outlines a theology or redemption and includes an application of how the disgrace of the cross can lead victims toward grace.

Discounted Series eBooks:

On Church Leadership

On Church Leadership by Mark Driscoll

$7.99 $1.99

In this concise book, one of America’s most influential pastors puts forth a model of church leadership that is both biblically sound and practically effective. Part of the Re:Lit:A Book You’ll Actually Read series.

On Who is God?

On Who Is God? by Mark Driscoll

$7.99 $1.99

It’s one of mankind’s oldest questions, over which countless religions and philosophies have collided: Who is God? In this quick read Mark Driscoll, one of America’s most influential pastors, provides clear, biblical answers to who God is and how he relates to us. Part of the A Book You’ll Actually Read series.

On the Old Testament

On the Old Testament by Mark Driscoll

$7.99 $1.99

This quick read gives a solid and simple introduction to the Old Testament. Mark Driscoll, one of America’s most influential pastors, answers nine common questions about the Old Testament and gives an overview of the various kinds of OT literature. Part of the A Book You’ll Actually Read series.

On the New Testament

On the New Testament by Mark Driscoll

$7.99 $1.99

This brief book gives a solid and simple introduction to the New Testament. Spend just one hour with this book and you’ll find answers to many common questions about the New Testament, such as, Who wrote it? and Does it contain any errors? Part of the A Book You’ll Actually Read series.

Happy reading!

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Greg Thornbury discusses “Recovering Classic Evangelicalism” with John Wilson

Watch as John Wilson (Books and Culture) interviews Dr. Gregory Thornbury, author of Recovering Classic Evangelicalism (March 2013).

From the Back Cover

Using the life and work of Carl F. H. Henry as a key to evangelicalism’s past and a cipher for its future, this book provides crucial insights for a renewed vision of the church’s place in modern society and charts a refreshing course toward unity under the banner of  “classic evangelicalism.”

Learn more

Read an Excerpt

Download a PDF of the excerpt

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