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A Message from our President on Flood Recovery Progress

Dear Friends,

I am deeply grateful as I write to you today – to our great Lord and Savior and to you personally – for your prayers and partnership with our ministry at Crossway.

One month ago, we asked for help in a very challenging situation. As you know, devastating storms swept though the Chicago area in mid-April, which resulted in unprecedented flooding in Wheaton, causing major damage throughout Crossway’s headquarters. Our first-floor offices, meeting rooms, computer room, and on-site bookstore were extensively damaged by two feet of floodwater.

We quickly realized that extensive work would be needed, both to recover from the flood and to flood-proof the perimeter of our building and protect against this happening again. But more importantly, the unanticipated costs threatened our ability to maintain several key global ministry initiatives in the coming year.

It has been humbling indeed to see the Lord’s extraordinary provision – through the outpouring of prayer, encouragement, and financial support of the Lord’s people around the world. During the last four weeks, we have received well over 2,000 emails and letters of encouragement, including gifts of support from over thirty nations around the world – from churches, friends in the publishing industry, and thousands of individuals – mostly from people whom I have never met before but who nonetheless graciously responded and faithfully prayed. As I signed the thank-you letters and noted the gift receipts, I was often deeply moved (even at times to tears) by the extraordinary goodness of the Lord and his people.

Initial estimates for recovery and flood-proofing our building focused on waterproofing all of the entry doors, strengthening outer walls, and sealing the foundation perimeter. After several meetings with building engineers and architects, it became clear that more extensive work on the property and perimeter of the building would be necessary. Although the initial repair estimates have nearly tripled, the Lord has clearly provided through your generous help.

Remarkably, as recovery and flood-proofing costs increased, so did the amount of support, corresponding almost exactly to the new cost estimate. Most importantly this means that key ministry projects can be sustained this year – including the means for (1) completion of the Chinese translation of ESV Study Bible notes and features, for publication of the New Testament in Mainland China next year (DV); (2) distribution of an additional 20,000 Chinese-English Bibles in Mainland China (bringing the total now close to 250,000); (3) the completion and strategic distribution of the Gospel Transformation Bible project; and (4) developing the first editions of our Knowing the Bible studies for free digital access worldwide.

All of this is to express my deep gratitude to you. Because of your support, we are emerging from this time of crisis with renewed strength and the means to carry forward the ministry God has entrusted to us – to develop and publish vital, gospel-centered materials; to equip believers; and to share the gospel and the truth of God’s Word with a world that is desperately lost apart from Christ.

With my great appreciation for you,

In Christ our Savior,


Lane T. Dennis, PhD


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  1. I live nearby in Crete, IL (a neighbor to The Bible League) and was not aware until today (June 13, 2013) about your flooding situation. I am touched by the profound heartfelt testimony that you shared so eloquently. So often customers (like me) can be focused on making Bible and Christian literature purchases with our personal pocketbook being given the greater emphasis and little, if any, regard for the economics associated on the publisher’s end like yours, especially when faced with hardships like the flooding that has challenged you.

    I am so glad to learn that people have stepped up to reach out and support you like they would a single family whose home was devastated by the same kind of storm. We often leave it to enterprises such as yours to fend for themselves, assuming that they are generating sufficient revenues to take care of things themselves. Sadly, we overlook the substantial setbacks you can suffer that adversely impact your bottom line and hence ability to do what you do from which we benefit so greatly.

    I confess to you that it was while in the process of exploring your latest ESV Bible offerings today that I visited your website and read your message. I felt a bit convicted as I came to your website with the selfish focus of researching the latest and best premium bindings and formats available at the best prices. I now feel challenged to explore instead what I might be able to do to become a part of the support group that has reached out to help you rather than pursue what kind of deals I can get from you or one of your resellers.

    I am self-employed and struggling to provide for my family so praying will be the least I can do though I would like to offer something tangible as well. Perhaps I can look at making my purchases directly from Crossway at full retail rather than seeking the best discounts like I started out doing. I realize that this won’t amount to much in terms of dollars, but perhaps it could serve by bringing an added measure of encouragement by which your team can be blessed.

    Feel free to contact me to let me know if there are other ways by which I can be of service and or help to raise additional support through my network of friends and committed followers of Christ.

    Thank you for the blessing you have been to me through the sharing of your God-honoring message.

    With Him for His renown,

    Harry R. Smith
    Crete, IL 60417
    (708) 602-6760

    Comment by Harry Smith — June 13, 2013 @ 6:25 pm

  2. Harry, thank you for your kind comments and prayers. We appreciate the support! God has provided abundantly!

    Comment by Andrew Tebbe — June 14, 2013 @ 8:32 am

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