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Weekly Specials: Kevin DeYoung Titles

Next month marks the publication of Kevin DeYoung’s Crazy Busy—a (mercifully) short book about a (really) big problem.

We believe Crazy Busy is going to help a lot of people in typical DeYoung fashion. Anticipating that, this week’s Crossway special is a good opportunity to feature a handful of other books written or edited by Kevin DeYoung. You’ll see the discounted prices below for both print and digital editions.

May these books equip and inspire you in your life and ministry!

To learn more about each title, click on the covers below. The print deals are only available on Crossway.org; the ebook deals are also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshout, Christianbook.com, eChristian, ibooks (apple), Vyrso, or your participating independent bookstore’s site. Discounted prices available through 9/2/2013.*

This Week’s Specials:

Hole in Our Holiness

The Hole in Our Holiness: Filling the Gap between Gospel Passion and the Pursuit of Godliness

By Kevin DeYoung

Print: $14.99 $7.00

Ebook: $13.99 $2.99

Given the lack of holiness in our culture today, DeYoung presents a popular-level treatment of sanctification and union with Christ, helping readers to see what matters most—being like Jesus.

“This book is vintage DeYoung—ruthlessly biblical.” —John Piper

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What is the Mission of the Church?

What Is the Mission of the Church?: Making Sense of Social Justice, Shalom, and the Great Commission

By Kevin DeYoung, Greg Gilbert

Print: $15.99 $7.00

Ebook: $12.99 $2.99

DeYoung and Gilbert help us slow down and think carefully about what the church is sent into the world to do. Looking at the Bible’s teaching, they explore the what, why, and how of the church’s mission for today.

“DeYoung and Gilbert bring a remarkably balanced book that can correct, restore, and help regardless of which way you lean or land on all things ‘missional.’”—Matt Chandler

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Don't Call it a Comeback

Don’t Call It a Comeback: The Old Faith for a New Day

Edited by Kevin DeYoung

Print: $16.99 $6.00

Ebook: $13.99 $1.99

Don’t Call It a Comeback unites some of today’s most promising young evangelicals in a bold assertion of the stability, relevance, and necessity of Christian orthodoxy, and reasserts the theological nature of evangelicalism.

“I absolutely love this book! First, each chapter solidly tackles a critical component of our Evangelical faith and practice. Second, the authors demonstrate not only a strong grasp of God’s Word, but also of the perspective of church history, which is sadly lacking in most contemporary books. Third, these guys write tight, making every sentence count, so even though it packed with truth, the book is a quick read. I am so proud of these brilliant, godly men.”—Rick Warren

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The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

By Kevin DeYoung

Print: $3.99 $1.99

Ebook: $2.99 $0.99

This Gospel Coalition booklet by Kevin DeYoung presents the Holy Spirit as our ultimate gift. DeYoung details the Spirit’s role in our lives, including his activity in conviction, conversion, glorification, and the imparting of gifts.

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Here’s the Description of Crazy Busy

Crazy Busy

Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem

By Kevin DeYoung

“I’M TOO BUSY!” We’ve all heard it. We’ve all said it. All too often, busyness gets the best of us.

Just one look at our jam-packed schedules tells us how hard it can be to strike a well-reasoned balance between doing nothing and doing it all.

That’s why award-winning author and pastor Kevin DeYoung addresses the busyness problem head on in his newest book, Crazy Busy — and not with the typical arsenal of time management tips, but rather with the biblical tools we need to get to the source of the issue and pull the problem out by the roots.

Highly practical and super short, Crazy Busy will help you put an end to “busyness as usual.”

Learn more about Crazy Busy

*Note: Some discounts may be unavailable outside the United States due to international rights agreements.

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Free Download: “Jeremiah” from the Gospel Transformation Bible

To help readers preview the Gospel Transformation Bible, we’ve made the complete book of Jeremiah available for free download. Respected Old Testament scholar Graeme Goldsworthy prepared the introduction and study notes for this important book.

For a sampling of other books of the Bible, download the full sampler.

As a reminder, there’s only one week left in the Gospel Transformation Bible pre-order sale – all editions 50% off. The sale runs through Labor Day, September 2, so be sure to order soon!

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August’s New & Notable Books (Part 2)

To see other books released in August, check out August’s New & Notable Books (Part 1).

The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution
by Wayne Grudem and Barry Asmus

http://images.gnpcb.org/products/9781433539114.jpgWe Can Beat Global Poverty

Economist Barry Asmus and theologian Wayne Grudem outline a robust proposal for winning the fight against debilitating and dehumanizing poverty around the world. Setting forth a comprehensive development plan that integrates the principles of a free market system with the Bible’s teachings on social ethics, this book offers a clear path for promoting economic prosperity and safeguarding a country’s long-term stability.

 “A top-flight economist and a renowned theologian have put together a bullet-proof antidote to poverty. It’s a tour de force.”
—Brian Wesbury, Former Chief Economist, Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress

Learn more | Read an excerpt | Buy now

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (3rd Edition)
by Mark Dever

 http://images.gnpcb.org/products/9781433539985.jpgIs Your Church Healthy?

Now in its third edition and featuring a new foreword by New York Times best-selling author David Platt, Mark Dever’s classic book is not an instruction manual for church growth. Rather, it’s a pastor’s recommendation for assessing the health of a church using nine crucial qualities often neglected by many congregations today. This newly revised edition includes fresh arguments, new illustrations, and updated appendices.

“If you are a Christian leader, be careful of the work you are now holding in your hand: it may change your life and ministry.”
—D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

 Learn more | Read an excerpt | Buy now

The Bookends of the Christian Life (Paperback Edition)
by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington

http://images.gnpcb.org/products/9781433543180.jpgWhat Are You Leaning On?

Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington use the creative metaphor of “bookends” to help us fully embrace the two things that are absolutely crucial for staying steady in the Christian life: our justification in Christ and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. Here is a guide to experiencing the peace, joy, and stability we all desire.

“Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington look at the Christian life through a wide-angle lens. A wise and powerful book, one I heartily recommend.”
—Tim Challies,
Christian blogger, Challies.com

Learn more | Read an excerpt | Buy now

Acts: Chapters 1-8 (6 volumes in 3)
by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

http://images.gnpcb.org/products/9781433540028.jpgExploring Acts with Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The book of Acts records some of the most important events in the New Testament. In this newly revised, three-volume collection of sermons, famed preacher Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones explains the message of the first eight chapters of Acts with clear language and pastoral warmth, helping us understand the basic truths that undergird genuine faith in Christ.

“One of the greatest preachers of the 20th century was Martyn Lloyd-Jones.”
—John Piper, founder, Desiring God ministries; award-winning author, Spectacular Sins

Learn more | Read an excerpt | Buy now

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Weekly Ebook Specials: Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition Series

While it is hard to believe, the start of another academic year is upon us. To celebrate the great tradition of Christian thinking which continues in classrooms around the globe, we’ve discounted all published volumes in the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series.

This week, you can get the digital versions of each volume for $1.99 each.

More on the Series

The Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series is designed to provide an overview of the distinctive way the church has read the Bible, formulated doctrine, provided education, and engaged the culture. The study guides in this series will enable us to see afresh how the Christian faith shapes how we live, how we think, how we write books, how we govern society, and how we relate to one another in our churches and social structures. The richness of the Christian intellectual tradition provides guidance for the complex challenges that believers face in this world.

Praise for the Series

“An exciting project that will freshly introduce readers to the riches of historic Christian thought and practice.”
—Thomas Kidd, Department of History, Baylor University

“This new series is exactly what Christian higher education needs to shore up its intellectual foundations for the challenges of the coming decades.”
—Carl E. Zylstra, President, Dordt College

To learn more about each title, click on the covers below. The print deals are only available on Crossway.org; the ebook deals are also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshout, Christianbook.com, eChristian, ibooks (apple), Vyrso, or your participating independent bookstore’s site. Discounted prices available through 8/26/2013.*

This Week’s Specials:

The Great Tradition of Christian Thinking

The Great Tradition of Christian Thinking: A Student’s Guide

 By David S. Dockery & Timothy George

$9.99 $1.99

A reader-friendly guidebook that will equip Christian students to apply their faith and intellect in various academic fields. Illustrations, reflection questions, and resource suggestions make this book a timely tool for Christian students.

“…biblical, seasoned, experienced, trustworthy, and encouraging. It is a book to enjoy both in itself and as a welcome guide to much, much more.”
Mark A. Noll, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

Learn more | Buy now


The Liberal Arts: A Student's Guide

The Liberal Arts: A Student’s Guide

By Gene C. Fant Jr.

$9.99 $1.99

Looks at the liberal arts through a gospel-oriented lens, laying out a vision that carefully prepares students to pursue their calling with grace and excellence.

“Attention! The liberal arts are for everyone, especially Christians. They introduce us to all the personal dimensions that encompass our lives from beginning to end. But how is this so since so much of the liberal arts seem foreign to us as Christians? Begin with this book and find the answer. Then live out a rich life of knowledge and appreciation of what makes every life worth living.”
James W. Sire, Author, The Universe Next Door and A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics

Learn more | Buy now



Philosophy: A Student's Guide

Philosophy: A Student’s Guide

By David K. Naugle

$9.99 $1.99

Purposed to help students engage contemporary challenges within the study of philosophy, professor and philosopher David Naugle offers an understanding of the basic issues, thinkers, and sub-disciplines therein.

“Dr. Naugle has done a first-rate job of covering a wide range of issues in a responsible way, while keeping the level of discourse at a truly introductory level.”
J. P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Biola University; author, Love Your God with All Your Mind

“Dr. Naugle combines solid scholarship with a firm grasp of how a biblical worldview can help to reclaim a strong Christian intellectual tradition in these confusing—but exciting—times.”
Richard J. Mouw, President, Professor of Christian Philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary

Learn more | Buy now


Political Thought: A Student's Guide

Political Thought: A Student’s Guide

By Hunter Baker

$9.99 $1.99

Award-winning professor Hunter Baker has written this guide to the essential issues inherent in politics as part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series, helping students find a solid footing in understanding basic political thought.

Political Thought is a wonderful introduction to the study of politics. Hunter Baker writes as a true teacher, offering not only rigor and clarity but also a personal touch.”
Francis J. Beckwith, Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies, Baylor University; author of Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice

Learn more | Buy now


Literature: A Student's Guide

Literature: A Student’s Guide

By Louis Markos

$9.99 $1.99

A seasoned professor invites students into the great conversation of literature through the centuries and shows how the study of poetry draws us closer to God and his work in the world.

“Louis Markos not only possesses the wisdom of C. S. Lewis but also Lewis’s uncanny ability to put complex ideas into a succinct and simple language that is accessible to everyone.”
Joseph Pearce, Writer in Residence and Associate Professor of Literature, Ave Maria University; author, Through Shakespeare’s Eyes and Literary Converts

Learn more | Buy now


*Note: Some discounts may be unavailable outside the United States due to international rights agreements.

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Gospel Transformation Bible Pre-Order Sale: All Editions 50% Off

The ESV Gospel Transformation Bible is available at a significant pre-order rate on Crossway.org. All 9 editions are currently available for 50% off. This special pre-order sale ends September 2, so order soon!

For a list of the available editions with updated pricing, visit our editions page.

For an early look at the interior of the Gospel Transformation Bible, be sure to download the pdf sampler.

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