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Weekly Specials – 6/30/14

Crossway’s weekly specials are available to members of Crossway Impact. You can also find this week’s featured resources with participating online retailers such as AmazonBarnes & NobleBookshoutChristianbook.comeChristianiBooks (Apple)Vyrso (at each individual retailer’s discretion). Discounted prices available through 7/6/14.

All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes: Christians and Popular Culture

Ken Myers

E-book: $13.99 $2.99

Skillfully analyzes American popular culture, tracing its development and influence throughout history, and ultimately exposes its impact on character. Part of the Turning Point Christian Worldview series.

“A magnificent and timely book. Fresh, witty, informative, trenchant, and eminently sane, Ken Myers’s book is a must for thoughtful evangelicals… I only hope there are enough of them left to read it.”
Os Guinness, cofounder, The Trinity Forum; author, The Call

Buy: E-book


Life’s Biggest Questions: What the Bible Says about the Things That Matter Most

Erik Thoennes

E-book: $9.99 $1.99

Tackles fifteen of life’s biggest questions relating to God and his relationship to humanity by presenting biblical answers. An excellent crash course on Christianity for believers and seekers alike.

“Dr. Thoennes is a masterful teacher. The beauty of following Christ comes through with such clarity that the reader will want to fall in love with Jesus all over again.”
Robert E. Coleman, Distinguished Senior Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Buy: E-book


Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions

Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears

E-book: $12.99 $1.99

Great for nonbelievers and new Christians, this work of popular-level theology introduces the person and work of Christ by answering a series of questions about Jesus.

“Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears combine profound understanding of modern culture with weighty Christian doctrine that is faithful to the Bible.”
Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary

Buy: E-book


Vintage Church: Timeless Truths and Timely Methods

Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears

E-book: $14.99 $1.99

This book defines a biblical church as one that properly balances the eternal truths of Scripture with timely, relevant methods—such as multi-campus churches and the latest technology—to engage the culture and reach people with the gospel.

“Mark and Gerry seek to be rigorously biblical and theologically faithful as they address the doctrine of the church. However, the real uniqueness to this book is its personal and practical insights. This is a valuable work.”
Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Buy: E-book


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Christ in All of Scripture – Psalm 107:1-3


Psalm 107:1–3

“Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So
Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good,
for his steadfast love endures forever!
Let the redeemed of the LORD say so,
whom he has redeemed from trouble
and gathered in from the lands,
from the east and from the west,
from the north and from the south.”

Although Psalm 107 begins the fifth and final book of the Psalter, it continues the themes of the despicable sinfulness of God’s people along with the gracious and restorative mercy of God that are also described in the narrative depictions of Psalms 105 and 106.

The opening verses announce the overarching message of the psalm: because God’s goodness and steadfast love endures forever, those redeemed by the Lord, wherever they may be (i.e., in their homeland or in exile), give thanks to him and look to him for future deliverance and restoration (Ps. 107:1–3). The psalm then focuses on four groupings (the “some” of vv. 4, 10, 17, 23) of God’s people who, in their respective situations of distress and need, look to God for help. Each group’s affliction differs, but each calls upon God for deliverance (vv. 6, 13, 19, 28), and God hears and answers their humble cries for help. Each, then, is encouraged to offer a response of thanksgiving to God (vv. 8, 15, 21, 31), expressing the praise and worth of God in light of his gracious and powerful deliverance.

God’s faithfulness to his own people, to hear and help in times of distress, is the repeated theme of this psalm. As God’s people learn that he “raises up the needy out of affliction” (v. 41), they will begin to “consider the steadfast love of the Lord” (v. 43). There is such good news here; although God’s people are feeble, needy, afflicted, and often sinful, yet his steadfast love never ceases. The grace we see here prepares us to understand its expression and fulfillment in Christ, by whom God has once and for all answered the cry of the needy. The steadfast love of the Lord becomes flesh-and-blood reality, before our very eyes, in Christ.

This series of posts pairs a brief passage of Scripture with associated study notes drawn from the Gospel Transformation Bible. For more information about the Gospel Transformation Bible, please visit GospelTransformationBible.org.


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Why Study the Book of James?


This is a guest post by Greg Gilbert. He is the author of James: A 12-Week Study in Crossway’s Knowing the Bible study series.

An Oft-Cited, Yet Challenging Book

Of all the books in the New Testament, James is perhaps the one that gives Christians the most difficulty. We simply don’t quite know what to do with it!

On the one hand, James’s letter is certainly one of the most quoted books of the entire Bible. It’s filled with famous phrases that often make their way into Christian conversation:

  • “Faith produces steadfastness.”
  • “God cannot be tempted.”
  • “Every good and perfect gift comes from above.”
  • “Be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.”
  • “Be doers of the word, and not hearers only.”
  • “Even the demons believe—and shudder!”
  • “Faith apart from works is dead.”
  • “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

On the other hand, James is also full of passages that have left Christians scratching their heads. Does James have it out for rich people? What is the point of anointing a sick person with oil? What is the prayer of faith? Is James teaching that if you just have enough faith, God will always heal?

Then there are even larger, and more pointed questions. Why doesn’t James talk very much about the cross? Does he understand the gospel the same way the rest of the New Testament writers do? And isn’t he explicitly arguing with Paul in chapter 2 about the relationship between faith, works, and salvation?

The Key Verse

Those are all important questions. It helps, however, to realize that the primary message James is driving in this book is that a Christian’s faith in the gospel should work itself out in a life of obedience. As he says in James 1:22, believers in Jesus should not just hear the word and believe it, but they should also do what it says!

The gospel of Jesus—which James understands deeply and affirms completely—results in a new life of obedience when a person believes. That’s James’s message, and when we understand it, his book will no longer be confusing to us, but rather a stirring exhortation to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which we have been called!

Highly Practical

James is an intensely practical book, filled with exhortations to Christians about the way they should live their lives now that they have been given new life in Jesus. It is filled with allusions to and quotations of the teachings of Jesus, and it includes more imperatives per word than any other New Testament book. For these reasons, James has been called “the Proverbs of the New Testament.”

James is therefore highly relevant to the Christian life. Unlike many of the other books of the New Testament, James’s aim is not to give a theological presentation of the gospel. Rather, he writes his book to those who already believe the gospel, and his goal is to help them live faithfully as followers of Jesus.

There are many different and seemingly disconnected themes in James—perseverance under trial, riches and poverty, wisdom, the danger of the tongue, prayer, faith and works—but what ties them all together is James’s desire to take the teaching of Jesus and apply it to the Christian life.

Greg Gilbert (MDiv, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is senior pastor at Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the author of What Is the Gospel?, James: A 12-Week Study, and Who Is Jesus? (forthcoming), and is the co-author of What Is the Mission of the Church?.



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Video: Studying the Books of Ruth & Esther

In the video below, Kathleen Nielson introduces us to Ruth and Esther: A 12-Week Study, which is part of Crossway’s Knowing the Bible study series.

Knowing the Bible Series: Ruth and Esther
from Crossway on Vimeo.

Learn more or read a sample chapter.

Other Volumes in the Knowing the Bible Series

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A Sneak Peek at Women of the Word Month


A Sneak Peek

Before the official launch of Women of the Word Month on July 1, we thought our readers might be interested in a sneak peek at the email devotional.

Each daily email will feature an assigned Scripture passage (with a link to read it online at ESVBible.org) and a devotion adapted from the upcoming ESV Women’s Devotional Bible.

Email Devotional

Each daily email will also include a few questions designed to aid in personal reflection and prayer. These questions can also be used to facilitate discussion if you’ve signed up for Women of the Word Month with a group.

Reflection Questions

Sign Up Today

We hope this gives you a taste of what’s in store for Women of the Word Month. More importantly, we hope the daily email devotional whets your appetite for God’s Word, “a lamp to our feet and a light to our path” (Psalm 119:105).

If you haven’t signed up for Women of the Word Month yet, there’s still time! Consider asking a friend to sign up with you, to help keep each other accountable to read and meditate on the assigned Bible passage each day.

See you July 1!

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