Why Study the Book of Psalms?

This is a guest post by Doug O’Donnell. He is the author of Psalms: A 12-Week Study in Crossway's Knowing the Bible study series. Why Study the Psalms? If »

Journaling in Your Bible

The discipline of journaling is as varied as the people who practice it. It ranges from recording day-to-day activities in a notebook to blogging online about current events, favorite books »

How to Study the Bible with Purpose

guest post

Injecting Purpose into Our Bible Study Every good endeavor should be done with purpose. Without a clear sense of purpose, our efforts to do a good thing well can flounder »

Bible Q&A - Why Read the Bible Every Day?

In this series, Dr. Dane Ortlund, Senior Vice President for Bible Publishing at Crossway, answers readers' questions about the Bible. If you have a question for Dane, simply leave it »