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Our Triune God

Our Triune God: Living in the Love of the Three-in-One

By Philip Graham Ryken, Michael LeFebvre

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About Our Triune God

For many of us, the idea of the Trinity feels nebulous and abstract—or even worse, irrelevant. While we may believe this doctrine, we remain strangely disconnected from the reality that God is indeed tri-personal. Yet, Philip Ryken and Michael LeFebvre argue that a deeper knowledge of the Trinity is of the utmost importance for everyday life.

Explaining roles and relationships within the Godhead while tackling difficult questions, Our Triune God offers a helpful guide into the paradoxical mystery of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—the God of three-in-one.


“Philip Ryken and Michael LeFebvre have written a delightful book that will help us to better understand the great truth of the Trinity; one God in three Persons. Better yet, it should cause us to grow in our appreciation of the distinct works of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in our salvation and sanctification. I heartily commend this book.”
—Jerry Bridges, author, The Pursuit of Holiness
“The Westminster Shorter Catechism tells us that 'man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.' In this book, the authors bring that affirmation to life by showing us that the Trinity is not just a doctrine to be believed but a relationship to be experienced and enjoyed. Pastors, teachers, and believers everywhere will be refreshed and challenged by this stirring call to a deeper participation in the love of the triune God.”
—Gerald Bray, Research Professor of Divinity, History, and Doctrine, Beeson Divinity School;¬†author, God Is Love and God Has Spoken
“At a time when Biblical theology gets more attention among pastors, the twin advantages of systematic theology—namely that it will hold you to orthodoxy in the face of difficult Biblical texts and that it is organized according to the categories in which the non-Christian world speaks and thinks—cannot be underestimated. With this as backdrop, Ryken and LeFebvre's Our Triune God fills a void in Christian literature. The chapters are formed as carefully reasoned expositions on the subject of the Trinity, and as such, this book provides us with a model worth emulating across the spectrum of systematic categories.”
—David R. Helm, Pastor, Holy Trinity Church, Chicago; Chairman, The Charles Simeon Trust

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Format: Paperback
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Published: April 30, 2011

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