Crossway Impact

Crossway Impact is for readers who want to invest their resources wisely—buying books and making a difference. This program is designed to connect you with great content, exclusive benefits, and the global ministry of Crossway. By becoming a member, you will be joining a group of like minded readers who are already taking advantage of everything that Impact has to offer.


1. 25% Discount
The discounted Impact price is displayed on most Crossway.org resources, showing you right away how much you’re saving.

2. Flat Shipping Rate of $5 Per Order
Regardless of how much you order, you'll only pay $5 in shipping and handling.*

3. Exclusive Monthly Offers
Each month we’ll send you an offer via email. It might be a free e-book, a special sale, or exclusive content. We work hard to keep these offers varied, interesting, and beneficial.

4. Discount on Book/E-Book Bundles
When you buy a print book on Crossway.org, you can add the e-book (if available) at a 75% discount.**

The Mission of Impact

Crossway Impact is also designed to multiply ministry with every book or Bible you buy. We designate 5% of everything you spend to a Crossway ministry fund. This fund contributes to projects aimed at building healthy churches, equipping Christians for life and ministry, and distributing gospel-centered resources around the world.

Name Your Own Membership Fee

All you need to do to become an Impact member is sign up and name your own one-time membership fee.

Sign up today!

*Does not include some special sales (where specified) or bulk orders of case quantities.

**This benefit is active during the initial checkout process. Discounted e-book prices are only available with the purchase of the print item on the same order, and will not be offered after the order is completed.

This program requires a one-time membership fee, granting access to Crossway Impact benefits as long as you choose to be a member. This fee is not refundable or tax-deductible and is not considered a donation. Crossway is committed to designating 5% of what you spend on Crossway.org to support ministry projects on an ongoing basis. Crossway Impact is available to customers who have a mailing address in the United States, Mexico, or Canada. However, the Impact $5 flat-rate shipping benefit is only available to residents of the United States. Impact members cannot combine Impact benefits with other promotions (or bulk orders) that receive higher discounts. The highest discount wins. Special sales (where specified) and bulk orders and will not be eligible for $5 flat-rate shipping.

Please email us at impact@crossway.org with any questions. We value your feedback and look forward to serving you.