3 Ways Teens Can Stay Rooted in God's Word

Make Time

The first way that teens can stay in the Word this summer is maybe the most obvious, but it's to be intentional about carving out the time for it. So, if I just assume it's going to get done and don't plan for it, unfortunately it often doesn't. Make sure you carve out that time. Pick a time, stick to it, and that will really keep you in the Word every day.

Have a Plan

The second way is kind of related to the first, but have a plan. Don't plan to read the Bible in a willy-nilly way—that never really works. Use a yearly Bible reading plan. Pick a book and read through it. Use a devotional. But be intentional about what you're reading as well as making sure you have the time for it.

This Changes Everything

Jaquelle Crowe

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Read Together

The third way is to read the Word with others. Read it with your parents, read it with your friends. It might seem weird, but it's really cool for accountability and for insights you can get from other people. Reading the Word with others definitely gets me in it more as opposed to just thinking I have to read it on my own all the time.

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