4 Challenges to Christ's Deity

Antagonists will always bring challenges to the Christian faith. Here are four specific challenges to the deity of Christ that we tend to face today:

  • The Lost Gospels. A recent challenge to Christ's deity has come with the popularization of Gnostic gospels, such as the so-called gospels of Thomas, Peter, Judas, etc. that Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code sparked a cultural interest in these "gospels" and subsequent questioning or denial of Christ's validity.

  • The Worldwide Expansion of Islam. Muslims now represent 23% of the global population. While Islam agrees with Christianity on a few aspects of Christ, it denies Christ's incarnation and deity. Because of Islam's rising influence, it demands a defense of Christ's divinity.

  • Religious Pluralism. An increasingly popular idea, pluralism holds that all forms of spirituality are manifestations of the same divine reality, and that each response can be an effective means to the same end, be it salvation, enlightenment, liberation, etc. Therefore, pluralists hold that while Jesus may be a wonderful moralist and a valid spiritual figure to follow for some, he is not fully divine and not the only path to salvation.

The Deity of Christ

Christopher W. Morgan, Robert A. Peterson

This multidisciplinary treatment of the doctrine of Christ’s deity combines evangelical scholarship with substantial and accessible theological content. Volume 3 in the noted Theology in Community series.

  • The Proliferation of Cults. A Christian cult is a group that claims to be Christian, but rejects one or more central doctrine of the Christian faith as taught in Scripture. Jehovah's Witness is currently one of the world's most prolific cults that denies the deity of Christ.

Are we ready to answer when these objections come up? They demand a careful, biblical discussion of Christ's divinity, which is exactly what Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson, along with other scholars, have done in The Deity of Christ.

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