A Book for Teens Who Want to Take the Gospel Seriously

Have You Been Transformed to the Core?

Let me ask you a question: has the gospel changed your life?

Sure, you can say you believe there’s a God, or you were raised in a Christian family, or you’re involved in church activities—but has the gospel really changed you? Because that’s what makes Jesus different.

If he’s really entered your life, it will be transformed to the core. If the gospel is true, it will change the things you believe, think, say, and do. It will change your goals and what you treasure. It will change the way you look at yourself and the way you relate to others. It will change the way you invest your time and passion. It will even change what you do for entertainment.

This Changes Everything

Jaquelle Crowe

Written by a teenager for teenagers, This Changes Everything is a deeply theological yet practical and accessible book on how the gospel radically transforms every aspect of the teen years.

The truth is, our lives can’t remain the same. From the moment Jesus is in us, we become part of a countercultural movement that defies the status quo, stereotypes, and the culture of self. Regardless of our age or experience, we become part of it. We become part of a kingdom, and a story, and an adventure that changes absolutely everything.

So . . . has the gospel changed your life?

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