A Diagnosis of Our Culture's View of Sexuality

We’ve Gone Insane

The level of insanity in Western culture when it comes to sexuality has gotten so severe that we don't even have a vocabulary anymore. We literally do not know how to talk even about basic things like sex and gender anymore. One of the signs of insanity is you don't have a vocabulary.

The ultimate insanity is you'd lose your ability even to talk in ways that are logical and make sense. So, we're seeing that insanity happen. We've asked sex to do what it was never meant to do.

A life without rules, a life without boundaries, a life without authority . . . is insane. It can't ever work.

We believe that in order for sex to be free and pleasurable, it must not have any rules or any boundaries. We believe that we should be the only authority that we ever have to answer to in sexuality.

Well, a life without rules, a life without boundaries, a life without authority, a life that says I will have what I want, whenever I want it is insane. It can't ever work. Just imagine traffic if everyone in their car said, "I refuse to follow any traffic rules. I will do with my car what I want to do, at any time I want to do it." We would have massive deaths on our streets.

Sex in a Broken World

Paul David Tripp

Best-selling author Paul David Tripp helps us see that only the gospel can redeem sexual brokenness, giving us a clear view of God’s original purpose for sex.

That system can never work, but that's what we've done with sexuality. We are saying, "You must not impose rules on anyone." And that never leads to life, it never leads to freedom—it always leads to dysfunction and destruction.

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